Steelwrist launches new X02 tiltrotator for excavators up to 2.5 tonnes

Steelwrist X02 tiltrotator.

The installation ratio for tiltrotators on small excavators, according to Steelwrist, is starting to grow. In response, the company is now introducing the new X02, a tiltrotator suitable for 1.5-2.5 tonne excavators. The X02 is accompanied by a complete range of work tools that look to increase efficiency and versatility by converting the smallest excavators into true tool carriers.

Design and maintenance

The X02 tiltrotator has a number of innovative design solutions and comes with either a Direct Fit or an S30 top for the connection to the excavator. The coupler side (bottom) of the tiltrotator is available in a mechanical locking version as well as hydraulic locking for S30. According to Steelwrist, the hydraulic lock version with the integrated front pin hook is probably the only tiltrotator in this class that has work tool safety to support CE requirements.

The X02 is positioned between the smallest TCX tilt coupler for machines below 2 tonnes and the X04 tiltrotator for excavators from 2,5 to 4 tonnes. Again the focus with X02 has been to make a fully casted product with best strength-weight ratio and low building height.

Other design solutions being introduced with the X02 include a new gearbox design, lubrication-free bearings, valve and control module protection and an optional bolt-on lifting eye or lifting hook.

Optimized range of work tools

With a complete set of Steelwrist S30 work tools for the X02 tiltrotator, such as grading, digging, cable/trenching and v-ditch bucket and asphalt cutter and ripper, the excavator turns into a versatile tool carrier that can do work in a wide range of applications. According to Steelwrist, in autumn of 2022, the company plans to add the new Multi Grapple to the work tool offering for the X02, which serves as a general purpose construction and log grapple.

“With the launch of the X02 we finally complete the tiltrotator range for excavators below 2.5 tonnes. The X02 is a fantastic combination of innovation and robustness which customers have been waiting for,” says Stefan Stockhaus, CEO of Steelwrist AB.