Manitowoc takes on crowded jobsites with new MCT 565 A topless crane

Since its launch three years ago, Manitowoc asserts that the Potain MCT 565 topless crane has surpassed expectations on jobsites worldwide.

Originally, the crane was available in three capacities; 20, 25 and 32 t. Now, Manitowoc has introduced an ‘A’ version of the MCT 565 M32, capable of working with shorter jibs and counter-jibs, but with higher lift capacities and the first units have already been sold to a project in Singapore.

According to Manitowoc, the crane’s performance characteristics have helped contractors in their drive to lift large precast concrete sections and other heavy items used during construction processes.

In addition to the 32 t version, the Potain MCT 565 A is now available with a shorter jib and counter-jib, which makes the company believes will make it ideal for busy jobsites where several cranes operate within close proximity.

“Topless cranes are an increasingly popular choice on jobsites across Asia and elsewhere because of the efficiencies they offer when working alongside other tower cranes. The MCT 565 has demonstrated this through its exceptional lifting performance on a range of projects,” said Brian Wang, senior vice president of Emerging Markets for Manitowoc. “We’ve also seen the emergence of these cranes spawn new ways of working in Emerging Markets. Through our Voice of the Customer process, we saw an opportunity to add increased appeal to the range. By introducing the compact MCT 565 A, we are now offering greater choice in this class. The new model is positioned alongside the existing three MCT 565 options, allowing customers to choose the right crane for their specific job.”

The MCT 565 A can be rigged with a minimum of 25 m of jib—5 m less than the 30 m minimum required for the existing versions. The counter-jib too can be shorter, with just 15 m needed on the MCT 565 A while still allowing the crane to work with up to 35 m of jib. Ultimately, this gives customers the ability to position these powerful topless cranes into tight working locations and lift larger loads.

Furthermore, this compact footprint enables the crane’s working area to be reduced significantly, while the load curve is also increased in the shorter configuration. For example, while the Manitowoc’s original MCT 565 M32 can lift 19.7 t at the end of its shortest-available jib (30 m), the MCT 565 A will lift 22.5 t at that distance. Also, it can also handle an impressive 28.4 t at 25 m. The capacity advantage continues up to jib lengths of 45 m, where the MCT 565 A offers a 14.2 t capacity—an increase of 1.1 t over the MCT 565 M32.

“For customers who want to use the MCT 565 in shorter jib configurations this new MCT 565 A is a great option,” explained Wang. “Others like the impressive reach of the 80 m jib with the regular versions and the flexibility that brings. Our Voice of the Customer process is designed to ensure we have the right cranes to meet customer needs – across the spectrum. Which is why this MCT 565 A is such an intelligent addition to our line-up.”

Familiar features

Other than certain jib sections and a portion of the counter-jib, the MCT 565 A has features and benefits that will be familiar to owners of the regular MCT 565 models. For example, it uses the same C mast sections to deliver a maximum height under hook of 74.2 m, while Manitowoc lists the assembly time as only two days (for normal site conditions). Also, there is a choice of two winches: the 150 LVFC 80 FS, which is built at the Zhangjiagang factory, or the 150 HPL 80 from the Potain factory in France.