The Husqvarna DXR 95 is its most compact demolition robot ever produced

Husqvarna Construction’s new DXR 95 demolition robot tackles a concrete wall indoors

Husqvarna Construction’s new DXR 95 demolition robot is designed to deliver power, while remaining easily portable.

Introduced at World of Concrete 2024, the new DXR 95 is the fifth model in Husqvarna’s range of demolition robots.

The new machine packs a strong punch, thanks to a high-efficiency powertrain delivering 9.8 kW of power and 3,626 psi of pressure to the end-of-arm tool. However, the machine weighs about half a tonne and is small enough to be transported in an ordinary van and steered through narrow passageways, as well as sturdy enough to manage steep inclines at an angle of 30 degrees.

“With its superb power-to-weight ratio and small footprint, the DXR95 answers the demand for a demolition robot that can fit into cramped or fragile environments, and truly deliver the power and performance that professionals need,” said Daniel Lundberg, Global Product Manager at Husqvarna Construction.

The demolition robot is able to operate several attachments, including two hydraulic breakers (the SB 102 and SB 52), a concrete crusher, three buckets for excavating and clean out, a grapple and a drum cutter. 

“We’re really excited about this. It’s going to really complete our line,” said Shawn McNeil, Manager of Sales as Husqvarna Construction Products.

“This is going to really take us into the renovation and restoration industry of concrete, and also into the industrial side with cement plants and steel processing plants.”

Non-stop demolition

Created from the ground up by Husqvarna engineers in Sweden, the DXR 95 is made for many hours of continuous demolition. 

Ideally suited for a range of applications from underground rock breaking to chimney removal, the robot can deliver consistently high performance thanks to its thermal management technology. This allows the robot to continuously work in high ambient temperatures without overheating while maintaining performance.

To further avoid downtime, the DXR 95 features a heavy-duty arm system with robust friction-welded cylinders, automatic greasing of the breaker for longer service intervals, and protection of vital parts in the tough lower chassis. 

For peace of mind, the oil return filter is digitally monitored to prevent clogs and unplanned stops. The hydraulic pressure and flow can be configured to match any tool.

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All components can be easily accessed and detached to make service and maintenance quick and trouble-free. 

Owners and operators can track the robot’s oil level on the remote control, and easily refill it with help from the convenient status lights. For easier troubleshooting, the electrical cabinet and circuit board have been designed with a minimum number of cables, while a single cable runs to the valve stack. Quick connectors make low-voltage cables easy to detach.

The DXR 95 is ideal for use in fragile, steep or unstable environments where there’s a risk of collapse, falling debris, heavy vibrations or dust. The demolition robot is designed with many smart features including:

  • A cable arm that holds the connector farther from the machine, with a lamp indicating whether the machine is running
  • The rubber feet have a large contact surface for better stability and longer life.
  • Protection for electric motor, hoses and cables in the lower chassis
  • A level control, hammer grease warning is shown in the remote control when the lubrication level is low

Remote control operation

The DXR 95 is operated by Husqvarna’s new user-friendly remote control equipped with an intuitive multifunctional joystick that enables instant machine response and fingertip control. 

“We launched our new remote with our update on our larger machines. It gives the user live surveillance on everything that he or she is doing,” McNeil said.

Working with the DXR 95 is easy regardless of experience level. New operators can get started quickly with the convenient joystick guide, while experienced operators can use the smart drive modes to boost productivity.  

A large LCD screen provides a comfortable viewing experience thanks to auto brightness, even in direct sunlight. 

The toggle switch enables the operator to select either work mode or travel mode. 

The Husqvarna 95 also gives operators more flexibility. Using the remote control, they can easily tune parameters such as water, grease and hydraulic functions to suit their preferences. 

“And excavator operators love this, you can choose your pattern. Pattern 1 is SAE or Cat controls. Pattern 2 is John Deere. And then we have two other patterns for the for the rest of the world,” McNeil said. 

The remote also features a dial to adjust the frequency of the hammer. 

“If you’re in material and you want to be very surgical or be very slow, you can turn down how many beats per minute it’s going to produce,” McNeil said. 

An ergonomic harness and belt support the remote control and place the device at an optimal angle for operation. 

The remote can hold two batteries enabling 24 hours of operation.

“We are committed to giving our customers a competitive edge, and the DXR95 raises the bar for user-friendliness and performance in demolition robots,” Lundberg said. 

“Now, construction professionals everywhere can get the job done more efficiently, wherever the job may be.”