MEC combines a telescopic and articulated boom in one machine

TEH MEC DualReach 85-J Boom on a trade show floor

The latest innovation from MEC combines the abilities of a telescopic boom and an articulated boom in a single machine.

The DualReach 85-J Boom allows users to turn a switch, while the machine is stowed, and select between telescopic mode for maximum outreach and articulated mode for up-and-over tasks.

The patent pending design offers the flexibility to adapt to different jobs without the need for two different machines, which enhances productivity, especially in dynamic environments. 

The two-in-one machine functionality is a game-changer for projects with different work-at-height needs, where traditionally, both a telescopic boom and an articulated boom may have to be sent to a jobsite. 

“For the longest time, there’s been two distinct segments of boom lift machines, articulated and telescopic,” said Gary Crook, Vice President of Engineering at MEC. 

“Now, as construction unfolds, there’s no longer a need to swap out a machine with a lot of expense related to the transportation.”

The 85-J DualReach offers a working height of 28 metres. 

In telescopic mode, it’s maximum outreach measures 21.3 metres. When in articulated mode, the 85-J offers a maximum up-and-over height of 6.4 metres, allowing easy access to challenging environments. 

Articulation and capacity

A key feature of the 85-J is its articulation and capacity. The boom features an articulated jib capable of up to 135 degrees of movement. This feature, along with a 272-kg unrestricted or 410-kg restricted platform capacity at maximum outreach in both telescopic and articulated modes, provides flexibility and efficiency across various operational settings. 

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The DualReach 85-J Boom prioritizes mobility and stability in its design, featuring a self-levelling platform and optional automatic frame levelling of up to 7 degrees on slopes for assured stability.

Its steering options, including standard two-wheel, four-wheel and crab steering, ensure optimal manoeuvrability and stability on the job. 

MEC is a manufacturer of mobile elevating work platforms (MEWPs) in Kerman, California. Founded more than 45 years ago, MEC’s portfolio ranges from all-electric and direct electric drive slab scissors and vertical masts to rough terrain scissors and booms with patented and award-winning design features