Manitou’s new compact telehandler delivers attachment versatility

The new Manitou MTA 519 compact telehandler features a quick attach system that makes the machine compatible with any standard-flow skid steer or compact track loader attachment. 

The quick attach feature is a benefit for rental businesses who can rent out the telehandler with a range of attachments, as well as a convenience for fleet managers who may already own a significant number of attachments that can now be used on another asset. 

“Attachment compatibility increases utilization, both for rental businesses and contractors,” said Steve Kiskunas, Product Manager for telescopic handlers at Manitou.

“This increases profitability. The ability to run standard-flow attachments with this machine, in addition to its more standard fork and bucket operations, makes it a productive addition to any fleet.” 

Small but mighty

The new MTA 519 is extremely compact at 1.8 metres wide and 1.9 metres tall, with an excellent tight turning radius of 1.8 metres. This makes it small enough to fit through garage doors and down ramps into the lower levels of structures. 

Although compact, it retains excellent operating capacities, including a maximum load capacity of 2,500 kg; a 5.8 metre maximum working height; and outreach of up to 3.4 metres for loading and unloading materials on the second floor of a structure. It also features five different tire options and a ground clearance of 33 cm for working on varied terrain. 

“There is continued growing demand for compact telehandlers in the market today,” Kiskunas said. “We’ve made this MTA 519 even stronger than previous Manitou compact telehandlers and are delivering even greater versatility to the North American market.”

Manitou has further built the compact telehandler for use with a wide variety of ground-engaging attachments, from snow pushers to brooms, through the specialized design of its ground-engaging boom. 

The outer shell of the boom is designed with steel of equal thickness on all sides for optimal strength, and the extension and retraction of the boom is entirely hydraulically driven for extreme and performance. 

The boom is also situated lower within the framework of the machine to optimize visibility from the right side of the cab. 

“In addition to the traditional lifting and placing strengths, these booms are also designed to better handle the side-to-side forces you experience in ground-engaging applications, really giving you a purpose-built operator’s experience,” Kiskunas said. “Operators can run this telehandler in all functions with confidence that it will perform as desired.” 

Lower TCO 

The new MTA 519 features a 74-hp engine that is also placed low within the framework of the machine, along with all critical power and drivetrain components. This allows for a low, sloping hood for better visibility, as well as easy access to all critical daily service and preventive maintenance serving points. 

“We know that the easier service is, the more likely it is that it will be done regularly and done properly,” Kiskunas said. “A big part of our mission at Manitou to lower total cost of ownership is to help extend machine life cycles and increase uptime through extremely simple service. The MTA 519 delivers on that.” 

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The compact telehandler also features a two-speed hydrostatic Dana transmission, along with Dana axles — limited slip in the front, and open axles in the back. 

One area of focus for Manitou in introducing this machine is ensuring parts availability ahead of the launch for fast response times to parts orders. 

“We have pre-stocked our warehouse in support of this new model, ensuring that dealers and fleet managers alike have fast and easy access to parts, further ensuring uptime and a lower total cost of ownership,” Kiskunas said.   

Manitou EasyManager

To further reduce the total cost of ownership is the standard Manitou EasyManager fleet management platform (telematics). These systems allow business owners and fleet managers to stay better connected to the health, performance and efficiency of each machine.

“We make it extremely easy to access, understand and act on all of the great data coming off of the machine,” Kiskunas said. 

While the MTA 519 is a compact telehandler, it features a full-sized operator’s compartment. The cab is 78-cm wide, and the entryway is 1.8 metres tall. This makes it easy to get in and out of the machine, and comfortable to operate throughout the day. 

It also features a new joystick that is ergonomically situated and operates in the same pattern and functions as all other North American telehandlers.