Palfinger introduces enhanced telescopic hooklift

The new HT 160 SLD 3 Hooklift from Palfinger
The new HT 160 SLD 3 Hooklift from Palfinger

The new HT 160 SLD 3 Hooklift from Palfinger is designed to deliver higher performance, easy installation and user-friendliness.

The new hooklift, created for the North American market, is part of Palfinger’s Vision & Strategy 2030, which aims to remain constantly challenged to find better solutions for its customers.

“Our focus is always on developing an exemplary product portfolio specialized for our regional customers to address their challenges effectively,” said Ismael Daneluz, Palfinger’s Vice President of Sales & Service for North and Latin America.

“We are proud to offer the HT 160 SLD 3 Hooklift to meet industry demands. We are confident that this new model will boost productivity and overall satisfaction for our customers.”

The HT 160 SLD 3 Hooklift delivers a 10 per cent reduction in dead weight while maintaining a consistent lifting and tipping capacity of 7,250 kg at a 90-cm hook height and 8,165 kg at a 1.4 metre hook height. This enhancement helps to boost operational efficiency.

Palfinger SAM system

Coupled with a subframe design that includes a raised front cross member, the HT 160 SLD 3 Hooklift fits a wide range of trucks. It also has a Standard Advanced Mounting (SAM) system that enables quick and easy installation, minimizing downtime during set-up.

The hooklift is designed to be user friendly. For maximum flexibility, it includes an adjustable hook height, measuring 90 and 140 cm, for maximum flexibility.

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“In response to customer feedback, we have redesigned the hook shape to enable easier connection to the container bar. Furthermore, the introduction of greaseless bushings reduces maintenance time and costs for the customer,” said James Hanson, Palfinger’s North America Director of Sales.

The HT 160 SLD 3 Hooklift is finished with the Palfinger Origin Protection (POP) painting and surface treatment for protection, which significantly increases the unit’s lifetime value for customers.