Genesis rolls out two new demolition tools

Genesis Attachments has introduced a new M7 concrete cracker and a new hydraulic mobile shear.

Both new tools were featured in the Genesis booth at Demolition San Antonio, the National Demolition Association’s convention held in March. 

The M7 concrete cracker is designed to fit remote-controlled demolition robots and mini excavators. The concrete cracker is ideally sized for interior demolition as well as concrete processing and recycling.

Fitting up to 11 tonne carriers, the M7 weighs 635 kg and features a 69-cm jaw opening with a 48-cm jaw depth. The solid Strenx 900 steel jaws provide durability while the replaceable teeth and blades simplify maintenance.

A hydraulic booster that increases power and speed and a fully guarded cylinder rod that’s protected from debris helps the concrete cracker to efficiently process concrete.

The knock-around rotation option, which features adjustable brake and position locks, makes it easy for an operator to position the M7 for picking up material. 

A hydraulic rotation option is also available.  

Genesis GRP 480

Genesis Attachments also introduced the GRP 480, its new hydraulic mobile shear designed exclusively for processing rebar.

Developed in response to customer requests, the GRP 480 rebar processor features numerous bolt-on wear parts and surfaces for easy maintenance and jaw protection.

The bolt-on, weldable lower tusks work with the weldable, replaceable piercing blades to efficiently sort and separate rebar bundles. Additionally, a bolt-on plate on the cutting side of the upper jaw provides a replaceable wear surface and protects the jaw’s parent material.

The GRP also features an extra-large pivot group designed to withstand the rigours of daily rebar processing and provide maximum durability.

The rebar processor features a 61-cm jaw opening with a 66-cm jaw depth and fits up to 22 tonne carriers second member mounted and 41 tonne carriers third-member mounted.