Volvo CE equips its EC500 with a straight boom for demolition

EC500 excavator with a straight boom

Volvo Construction Equipment has equipped its EC500 excavator with a straight boom, as well as numerous other performance improvements to create a formidable demolition machine.

The new EC500 straight boom excavator gives operators a 30 per cent increase in pin height over the standard boom.

The 7.8-metre straight boom fitted to the EC500 is also equipped with heavy-duty features to withstand the beating it may take on demolition jobsites.

The machine includes a powerful but fuel-efficient engine, a demolition-specific cab and enhanced safety features like an optional remote control that allows the operator to control the machine from a safe distance.

After making its debut at Demolition San Antonio, the machine is now available for order in North America.

“The EC500 straight boom gives customers a new 50-ton option for larger jobs and complements our three high-reach models as well as our 14-ton to 95-ton standard excavators with demolition-specific guarding and hydraulic options,” said Tony den Hoed, Director of Demolition Strategic Accounts for Volvo CE.

The straight boom machine is based upon the proven standard EC500 model introduced at ConExpo 2023, but is custom-built for demolition. Manufactured at Volvo CE’s crawler excavator plant in Changwon, Korea, production of the EC500 started in the fourth quarter of 2023.

In addition to the straight boom and purpose-built arm, the EC500 straight boom has a 3,000-kg heavier counterweight for added stability. For convenience when moving from site to site, the counterweight can be easily removed using a hydraulic removal feature.

To stand up to tough demolition jobsites, the machine is reinforced with boom/bucket cylinder protection, full track guards, heavy-duty belly covers and heavy-duty side doors.

An industry first

Standard features include a larger auxiliary return line for faster attachment movements. In an industry first, the case drain line is plumbed directly to its tank, returning oil directly back to the tank (not to a case drain circuit) and reducing back pressure on the rotation circuit. 

Other standard features include quick-fit hydraulic connections and a dust suppression system that can pump 32 litres per minute through four nozzles.

Volvo CE has also added several upgrades to the cab, including:

  • A robust rollover protection system
  • Frame-mounted falling object guards that can be swung out to clean the front window
  • Front and top windows with half-inch thick, high impact-resistant single-piece glass
  • Front and top window wipers and fluid for better visibility while working
  • Hydraulic filter changes are extended to 1,000 hours for reduced maintenance and downtime.