John Deere adds Intelligent Boom Control to harvesters

nortrax JOhn Deere intelligent boom control harvester

John Deere says it is “bringing harvester capabilities to a whole new level,” with the introduction of Introducing Intelligent Boom Control (IBC) on the company’s 1270G harvester.

IBC is available exclusively for the CH7 boom with 10 metre and 11.7 meter reaches on the 1270G models. With IBC, the operator controls only the harvester head while the system takes care of the boom’s movement.

“We are very excited to introduce Intelligent Boom Control to the North American harvester category,” said Sakari Suuriniemi, product marketing manager for John Deere. “The 1270G Harvester is known for its versatility in a variety of logging applications. With the addition of IBC, the operator will have more precise control of the boom tip, and reducing the learning curve for new operators.”

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Designed specifically to suit the harvester work cycle, the boom’s movement and operation automatically adjust as the boom is taken to a tree and when the tree is in the grapple. IBC enables precise working and the selection of the correct working methods.

“Customers who have tested the machine noted that IBC makes work easier and reduces fatigue during long days. When we developed IBC, our focus was on improving ergonomics and reducing boom fatigue, ultimately boosting operator productivity and machine durability,” Suuriniemi said.

The 1270G Harvester still retains the features from the machine’s original launch. The six-wheel model boasts a 268 hp Final Tier 4 engine, and an increase in torque compared to previous models. The eight-wheel 1270G harvesters are designed for steep slopes and soft terrain. Operators are now able to utilize the intuitive IBC to further control movements in difficult terrain, which will also reduce the learning curve for new operators.

The cabin of the G-series machine is designed to maximize operator comfort. The cabin adjusts automatically to boom movements while the automatic levelling functions absorb terrain changes.

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