The largest model in the John Deere forwarder line, the new 1910G offers operators the power and efficiency needed to tackle tough jobs on difficult terrain.

The 1910G is equipped with a Final Tier 4 268 hp engine. The maximum engine output has increased by 7.5 per cent and torque by 21 per cent, compared to previous models. As well, the drive hydraulics have been increased, with the transmission boasting 4.5 per cent more tractive force.

“The G-Series Forwarder line provides our customers with the machines they need to tackle each workday, regardless of the conditions they may face. With our 1910G machines, operators are able to handle even larger loads,” said Niko Solopuro, product marketing manager, forwarders and automation.

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“Additionally, we maintained the features of the G-Series lines that our customers appreciate — including the improved operator station and configurable joystick controls — to develop a machine that customers enjoy while also boosting operator productivity.”

A key feature on the forwarder is the adaptive driveline control, a first in the forestry industry. This software-based control system enables the operator to choose the desired rpm setting — eco, normal or power — based on operating conditions. The system automatically adjusts the engine’s rpms to correspond with the engine load. In high-load situations, the driveline control ensures the diesel engine runs smoothly and efficiently uses the maximum available tractive force.

Another key feature of the machine is a larger load capacity. The cross-sectional area of the wide load space is bigger, and the new-generation headboard provides more visibility to the load space. Additionally, the CF8 boom on the 1910G moves smoothly and seamlessly, increasing accuracy and efficiency.

Boom control is also enhanced by using Intelligent Boom Control (IBC). Exclusive to John Deere, IBC improves operator productivity by automatically controlling the lift, slew and extension of the boom, based on the location of the grapple. IBC increases accuracy and the number of loads per each work shift.

The 1910G, as well as the rest of the G-Series Forwarder line, is equipped with the TimberMatic F-16 control system. The improved control system features a configurable user interface, cruise control and inclination display. Additionally, the new software offers service personnel remote access to the machine.

The 1910G is available with two cab options, fixed or rotating and levelling, both of which are designed to improve operator comfort.

The rotating and levelling cabin helps the driver to maintain the correct working positions to reduce strain on the back and shoulder areas, even when working on uneven terrain.