Hyundai wheel loaders are now equipped a virtual 360-degree view

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Hyundai announced the availability of the company’s All-Around View Monitoring system on new factory orders of HL900 series wheel loaders at World of Concrete.

Hyundai CE is now offering operators of its HL900 series wheel loaders an all-around view of the machine.

Hyundai announced the availability of the company’s AAVM (All-Around View Monitoring) system on new factory orders of HL900 series wheel loaders at World of Concrete.

Equipped with four cameras, including one on the left and right-side mirrors, one on the front of the cab and the standard backup camera, the monitoring system is able to provide a virtual 360-degree operating view of the job site.

“As machines get bigger and larger, and productivity is increased, visibility has been impacted by every manufacturer,” said Juston Thompson, product specialist with Hyundai CE.

The AAVM system also includes IMOD (Intelligent Moving Object Detection) system that senses and warns the operator with on-screen flashing arrows and an alarm when objects come within either of two selectable ranges (2 metres or 7 metres) of the wheel loader. Using direct camera mode, IMOD will be activated and it will put a box around the object of concern.

The image is integrated into the Hyundai seven-inch colour touchscreen cluster-monitor in the cab.

“This is a huge safety advancement,” Thompson said. “The other technology is an RFID system, but it requires the actual people on the ground to wear a device to be recognized. This doesn’t require that.”

AAVM uses Hyundai’s proprietary imaging software to display multiple 3D and 2D views of the operator’s working environment, including a unique bird’s-eye view.

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The system allows the operator to view each camera angle individually, see all four stitched together for the 360-degree view or all four images on a split screen.

“We’ve also added to the rearview camera two proximity lines, a green and red line that would alert you to how far you may back up,” Thompson said. “It gives you some depth perception on that camera.”

AAVM was first introduced by Hyundai in 2015 as an option on its HX series excavators.

“We were the first OEM manufacturer to launch a 360-degree system for our excavators,” Thompson said. “We’ve now adapted that same system on our excavators for our wheel loaders.”

Thompson added the feedback on the system has been positive, which he attributes to a general understanding of the importance of safety.

“Not only should a machine be fuel efficient, be efficient to operate and get the job done, but it should get the job done safely and reduce the risk of accidents on the job site,” he said. “People are taking to that and seeing it may be the most valuable piece of all.”