Hyundai expands Hi-Mate remote management system availability

Hyundai Hi-Mate

Hyundai’s exclusive Hi-Mate remote management system is now standard on four of the company’s compact excavators, including three of the company’s crawler models and one wheeled model.

The system uses GPS technology to track construction machines at any time or location. The system monitors key machine components such as the engine, hydraulics and electrical system.

Hyundai provides free use of the system for five years on the standard cellular configuration, which sends and receives data from machines in the field via cellular networks. Configuring Hi-Mate-equipped machines with satellite connectivity requires the purchase of additional hardware and a subscription.

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Previously, Hi-Mate was only available on the Hyundai HX series of full-sized crawler excavators, HW full-sized wheeled excavators and the HL900 series wheel loaders. Now, owners of Hyundai R55-9A, R60CR-9A and R80CR-9A compact excavators and the Hyundai R55W-9A compact wheeled excavator can experience the benefits of Hyundai’s remote-management system.

“We’re excited to expand the availability of Hi-Mate to additional Hyundai construction equipment models,” said Corey Rogers, marketing manager, Hyundai Construction Equipment Americas. “Hi-Mate is an important aspect of what we call ‘the Hyundai Edge.’ Hi-Mate gives our customers a variety of time- and money-saving benefits. Importantly, it promotes greater preventive maintenance to reduce equipment downtime.”

Hi-Mate monitoring and reporting

Hi-Mate allows users to view and manage operating information, activate alarms and view reports such as alarm incidents and maintenance status. For owners of multiple Hyundai wheel loaders and excavators, the system can monitor any specific machine or combination of machines. In addition to providing complete, real-time information on the location and operation of Hyundai wheel loaders and excavators, Hi-Mate also supports theft prevention through such capabilities as geo-fencing and alarm notifications.

Mobile app

Hyundai recently introduced a mobile application of Hi-Mate. Users with smartphones and other mobile devices using the Android operating system may download the Hi-Mate mobile app from the Google Play store. An iOS version for iPhones is in development.