This material transfer vehicle empties trucks at one ton per second

Dynapac North America has introduced two versions of the new MF2500CS material transfer vehicle (MTV).

The MF2500CS and the MF2500CS with SwingApp offer low overall cost of ownership, boasting a capacity of up to 4,000 tons per hour.

Both versions of the material transfer vehicle are able to handle a variety of material applications, including asphalt, concrete, sand and base material.

“With the addition of these two new models to our comprehensive material feeder lineup, we’re confident we have the most productive feeder solutions on the market today,” said Vijay Palanisamy, product manager of pavers and feeders at Dynapac North America. “Not only are these machines extremely productive, but they also provide best-in-class ergonomic features and total-cost-of-ownership benefits that will bring a lot of value to Dynapac customers.”

In terms of productivity, the Dynapac MF2500CS MTV features a conveyor belt system that can empty a standard 35-ton truckload in as little as 35 seconds, significantly reducing truck cycle times. With an MTV width of 2.55 metres, the Dynapac MF2500CS is cost-effective to transport, adhering to standard North American transportation requirements. The models feature a maximum transport mass of 20 tonnes.

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The MF2500CS is also available with SwingApp functionality, which transforms the unit to an offset feeder by swinging the conveyor belt up to 55 degrees in either direction. This allows for optimal versatility of the machine, with the capability to handle a variety of feeding applications, including feeding two pavers in a side-by-side configuration, feeding one paver from a different lane or filling medians.

SwingApp can be mounted on any Dynapac MF2500CS unit. The SwingApp can typically be mounted in less than an hour.

According to Dynapac, there are a number of contributing factors that help the new product line achieve low total cost of ownership, including well-engineered conveyor belt design, to reduce wear to the components and simple transportation of the feeder due to its compact transport dimensions. As well, averaging less than 12 litres per hour of fuel consumption can help reduce operating costs.

There are also a number of ergonomic features integrated into the new MF2500CS. For example, Dynapac’s Clearview platform can raise the operator station about 90 centimetres with the touch of a button, improving visibility of the jobsite. The operator platform on each side of the feeder also allows for swing-out functionality and can pivot 90 degrees for maximum visibility.

The new models are fully automated through the integration of distance control and feeding sensors. As well, the multifunction joystick integrates main drive and SwingApp functions to put full control at the operator’s fingertips. The large LCD monitor delivers all necessary procedural and diagnostic information along with camera feeds in an easy-to-use interface.

To improve durability, the new material transfer vehicle is engineered with heavy-duty components to maximize the longevity of the machine. The belt is fully supported by slat bars and mechanical fastening, and features patented mechanical connections for simple serviceability.

Both models are powered primarily by a Cummins QSB 6.7-C220 diesel engine and can reach operating speeds of more than 25 metres per minute, and a transport speed of about 4 km per hour.