Tadano Mantis to introduce new 160 ton GTC-1600

Tadano Mantis is expanding its GTC product line to six machines, with the introduction of the new 160 ton GTC-1600. 

The new GTC-1600 boasts a 6-section, 13.1 metre to 61 metre hydraulic boom, which is designed for flexibility with higher, longer capabilities for lift work, while also enabling out-of-level and pick-and-carry work. 

The main boom is complemented by a 10.3 metre/18 metre bi-fold jib with offsets at 0, 20, and 40 degrees. A jib length of up to 32 metres is possible with two 7 metre optional lattice inserts, providing a maximum tip height of up to 93 metres. 

As well, an optional 3.6 metre heavy lift jib with 20 degree and 40 degree offsets is ideal for tilt-up work in tight spaces. Mechanical offset on all jibs is standard, with optional hydraulic offset available.

The GTC-1600 is designed to provide an easy set-up with features like a self-erecting counterweight system with remote control, integrated carbody jacks and hydraulic quick couplers for track drive hose bundles allowing simple track frame removal and handling.

The crane is powered by a dual certified Tier 4 Final and Stage V Cummins QSB6.7 diesel engine rated at 326 hp. Engine throttle control is by either auto-idle control, adaptive throttle control or by foot pedal control. 

The travel system features a two-speed track drive with maximum speeds of 2.4 km per hour and a maximum unladen gradeability of 52 per cent. 

The standard track shoe is a 900-mm wide, 3-bar semi-grouser. Optional 900 mm wide steel flat shoes and 1 metre semi-grousers are also available.

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The GTC-1600 out-of-level operation is enhanced by market-leading capacities on up to 4 degree slopes and automatic load chart switching.  

All Tadano Mantis GTC models are equipped with Opti-Width, allowing limitless combinations of symmetrical and asymmetrical track width setups with no requirement for pinning of the track frames in fixed positions. Opti-Width load charts for asymmetrically positioned tracks can increase lifting capacity by more than 30 per cent compared to the symmetrical tracks. 

All models feature pick-and-carry capacity through 360 degrees and automatic switching load charts for operating on slopes up to 4 degrees. 

Testing of the GTC-1600 will continue through the third quarter of 2020, with sales of the new model planned for the end of the year.