Lube-A-Shine introduced at ICUEE


Lube-A-Boom has introduced Lube-A-Shine to its lineup of friction-reducing lubricants for construction and lifting equipment.

The company introduced Lube-A-Shine Wash and Wax at the International Construction & Utility Equipment Exposition (ICUEE) held in Louisville, Kentucky in early October.

“Our new Lube-A-Shine is a waterless wash and wax product specially crafted with a carnauba wax base made from Brazilian palm leaves,” said Jo Roberts, product development lead with Lube-A-Boom. “Not only will Lube-A-Shine keep your cranes and other machines looking fresh and clean, it also provides added protection for your equipment by repelling dust and dirt.”

Beyond removing tar, diesel residue, grime, insects, tree sap and grease from machines that are often put to work in the dirtiest of environments, Lube-A-Shine is insoluble to water. This gives it the added bonus of lasting longer on equipment in the elements, before requiring reapplication.

Lube-A-Shine requires a simple application and safe use on a wide variety of surfaces, Roberts explained.

Lube-A-Shine is easy to apply

In a shaded area, simply shake the can and spray a light coat over a small area of the surface to be cleaned. The application works best when the ambient temperature is above 10 C and the surface is free of caked-on mud and other abrasive matter.

“However, you will not be required to pre-wash your equipment, or use cumbersome water-based methods of application,” Roberts said. “You simply apply Lube-A-Shine to the surface you wish to clean, wait 20 to 30 seconds, and then rub dry with a soft, preferably microfibre cloth. There’s no prewashing, no water, no scratching and no swirl marks.”

The carnauba wax base means the wash and wax contains no harmful chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) or abrasives. This makes it safe for use on the most common of nonporous surface types, including chrome, glass, mirrors, stainless steel and polished metals.

The product is available in 15-ounce spray cans at Lube-A-Boom dealers throughout North America.