Kinshofer acquires transverse cutter business from German manufacturer

transverse cutter kinshofer

Kinshofer has acquired the Schaeff Transverse Cutter business from Atlas GmbH, a German-based crane and excavator manufacturer.

The transverse cutter is the first in Kinshofer’s line of crane and excavator attachments, allowing the company to serve contractors in a wider range of industries, including tunnelling and mining.

“Customers come to us for our breadth of high-quality, innovative attachments that are known for increasing productivity,” said Thomas Friedrich, Kinshofer president and CEO. “It’s the hallmark of our business, and the new drum cutters represent that by giving contractors higher profitability, greater efficiency and more flexibility than competitive models.”

Kinshofer will introduce the new product line globally as the WS-Series Drum Cutters. The cutters will be Kinshofer branded and sold through the company’s dealer network. As well, Kinshofer will service units sold by Atlas and provide technical support and parts.

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Atlas has divested its cutter business to continue its focus on manufacturing cranes and excavators, the company’s core products for nearly the last century.

“Kinshofer is just as committed to quality and performance as us, and they are poised to take the product to new heights,” said Brahim Sitiou, president and CEO of Atlas GmbH. “This change is not only good for both companies, but customers as well. They want one manufacturer they can go to for their attachment needs, and this transition gives them that.”

The WS-Series Drum Cutters feature spur gearing that are driven by high torque motors. In addition, they are equipped with a gear reduction to increase cutting force. The selection of drum and chisel guarantees high performance for loosening of material and reducing wear.

As well, underwater operation in up to 25 metre water depth is possible thanks to the heavy duty sealing system. Furthermore, the cutters may be equipped with an optional 360 degree rotation, allowing exact positioning in corners, on walls and other vertical surfaces for more accurate contouring.