Wajax hosts Ontario roadbuilders to highlight the latest tech from Vögele

Vögele has developed two entirely new pavers for the North American market, designed primarily for use in highway construction and large-scale commercial applications.

The 3 metre tracked Super 2000-3i and the wheeled Super 2003-3i pavers are equipped with the latest version of the Vögele operating system, the ErgoPlus 3, which has been enhanced with a number of new ergonomic and functional features.

To demonstrate the capabilities of the Super 2000-3i, Wajax invited road builders from across Ontario to test the machine at the company’s Kitchener location in April.

“The thing we’re doing with these events is we want to show the guys what our features and benefits are and what makes them different,” said Richard Perzan Wajax’s regional sales manager for Ontario. “Then we want to give them a chance to try it out in the field.  They’re actually getting to see the difference.”

Engineering overkill

According to Wajax sale representative Ryan Link, Vögele machines are a prime example of German engineering.

“You can always make it with less metal and less engineering, but they don’t do that,” Link said. “It’s absolute overkill, but guess what? Overkill lasts. They’re not throwaway pavers, they go forever and ever.”

With the new pavers, Vögele offers a screed for every application. The Super 2000-3i and the SUPER 2003-3i can be combined with the VF 600, a screed with front-mounted extensions, as well as the VR 600 and AB 600, two screeds with rear-mounted extensions. The AB 600 extending screed is equipped with both a vibration system and tamper, allowing it to achieve higher compaction. As well, the screed is able to tackle placing recycled materials as well as roller-compacted concrete (RCC).

“The screed is really well built. It’s a heavier screed, so you’re going to have a lot better quality pavement and your screed is not going to bend,” Perzan said.

Link explained the screed is a prime example of Vögele engineering. Although the screed extends to more than 6 metres, it maintains its ability to remain perfectly flat.

“This is a very heavy piece of the paver, and it holds grade with literally tons of asphalt,” Link said. “Look at the size of our cylinders and rigidity of the screed, that’s what holds grade.”

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The driving force behind the two new Vögele pavers is the six-cylinder 250 hp, Tier 4 Final Cummins diesel engine. Vögele’s intelligent engine management system, equipped with Eco mode, generates reduced fuel consumption and low-noise operation.

“And there’s no Diesel Particulate Filter (DFP), so there’s one less thing to worry about,” Perzan said.

He added the machine’s air intake is positioned to take in fresh air instead of contaminated air.

“They’re taking the air in from the side as opposed to above the screed where the dust is turning,” Perzan said. “It makes it breathe a little bit easier and it’s not as hot.”

ErgoPlus 3

The Super 2000-3i is equipped with ErgoPlus 3, the latest version of Vögele’s operating system, which has been enhanced with a number of new ergonomic and functional features. With its new mounting system, for example, the paver operator’s console can now be shifted between the right and left sides of the operator’s stand during operation. In addition, it has a large high-contrast colour display that ensures readability even in poor lighting conditions, while self-explanatory language-neutral symbols allow the operator to work intuitively.

Other operating system features include PaveDock Assistant, a system of signal lights that allows the paver operator to give the driver of the feed vehicle unmistakable signals, indicating what needs to be done.

As well, AutoSet Plus allows the machine to be safely moved on the job site without losing the previously set values.

The SmartWheel is a rotary controller which ensures that the pave width is adjusted with precision. Two speeds are available to extend and retract the screed quickly or slowly simply by turning the SmartWheel.

Super 1300-3

In the compact class of pavers, Wajax displayed the Super 1300-3 road paver, which tackles pave widths of 75 cm up to 5 metres.

Powered by a 100 hp Deutz engine, the machine achieves a 350 tonne per hour laydown rate.

With the hopper sides folded up, the pavers basic width is 1.85 metres and its length is 4.95 metres. As a result, it can be driven nearly anywhere and fit through almost any gap.

For passing through narrow spaces, push-rollers fold up together with the hopper sides.

The paver can be combined with an electric heated AB 340 Extending Screed in TV version with tamper and vibrators for improved compaction.

Super 700-3i

During the demo day, Wajax also featured the Super 700-3i compact paver, which is designed for construction of bike paths, residential streets and road shoulders.

The machine has a laydown rate up to 280 tonnes per hour, and a clearance width of 1.4 metres. The Super 700-3i has a wide range of paving widths, from 50 cm to 3.2 metres.

“It’s a specialized piece, but a lot of guys do use them for shoulders on highways and pathways,” Link said.

Mounted with the AB 220 Extending Screed in the V (vibration) version, it features multiple feed options with its asymmetrical material hopper. Its 74 hp Deutz diesel engine also features Eco Mode. As well, the paver is equipped with the Vögele ErgoBasic operating system.

“All the technology on the big paver is on the small paver, which is rare,” Link said.

Road tech in Germany

Following the demo day, staff from Wajax joined about 4,000 other Wirtgen customers and road builders from more than 100 countries in Ludwigshafen, Germany for Road Technology Days 2018.

During the event, Wirtgen, the parent company of Vögele as well as Kleemann and Hamm, provided insights into the latest developments in the fields of cold milling, cold recycling, soil stabilization, paving and compaction.

During the Technology Days, a total of 25 machines milled, fed material, placed asphalt and compacted on an area of about 3,000 square metres in two live demonstrations.

“A personal and professional exchange with our international customers is very important to us,” said Domenic Ruccolo, CEO of the Wirtgen Group.

“That’s the only way we can develop tailored country- and customer-specific solutions in an industry with such diverse and highly differentiated requirements. This makes the Road Technology Days an ideal platform for exchanging knowledge and experiences.”