While the time of the Baby Boomers in the construction industry is coming to a close, there is still a severe shortage which is not being filled quickly enough by Millennials.

There are different theories as to why this is. For example, most Millennials ( so it would seem) are not as motivated by simply collecting a pay cheque and going home. They are more concerned about the overall lifestyle that their career can give them. Does the job offer flexible hours? Is there room for growth within the company? Is it a dead end job?

Surprisingly, these are some of the questions Millennials have before figuring out salaries.

While the construction industry wants to welcome the Millennials to come in and take the positions available, it will take more than the job itself to attract them.

Here are some tips for managing Millennials:

  • Are they making a difference? Millennials want to know that the work they do, will be making a difference on a larger scale. The beauty of construction, is that you see the finished product of all the hard work. However, if for example the company goes the extra mile to sponsor events or charities, or give the employees paid time off to volunteer at events, this will increase the chances of Millennial employees growing extremely fond and proud of the organization they work for.
  • Are they being treated as equals? Give them a seat at meetings and ask for their opinions before making any major decisions. Millennials would rather be given a fair shot at earning respect through hard work and experience, rather than have it simply come with age.
  • Is the company up to date with technology? Social media is the new language. It is almost impossible for them to do a job without involving some of the latest technology. This also applies to the machines being used and the tools being given. Millennials are big fans of modern technology.
  • Will they be able to keep learning? Millennials value education and can often see construction as a one- way street to nothing. By constantly updating them with training, they will feel like they will not stop learning new skills and expanding their credentials.

The worst thing that could happen to these employees is they become bored and lose motivation to continue working for the company. Threatening a pay cheque is not what it used to be, and Millennials will not stand for it.

By making the new generation of construction workers feel valued and challenged, the chances of the company’s future success will rise to new heights.