Volvo Construction Equipment has announced updates to two more of its H Series wheel loaders, completing the lineup’s update.

The L60H and L70H mid-size now feature the same improved fuel efficiency, higher tipping loads and maintenance-friendly features as the previously announced L90H.

“With the L60H and L70H joining the previously announced L90H 2.0, we have completed the H-Series 2.0 update for our mid-size wheel loaders,” said Chris Connolly, product manager of wheel loaders for Volvo Construction Equipment. “Now, operators can enjoy the latest innovations on all three machines, helping them to work more efficiently and productively.”

The L60H, L70H and L90H 2.0 wheel loaders boast up to 25 per cent greater fuel efficiency than the previous models. As well, the machines feature Smart Control function, which ensures the correct torque in all situations, improves engine and hydraulic harmony and helps to shorten cycle times and conserve fuel.

Smooth Control function helps operators maintain a steady throttle position on uneven ground, equalling even engine speed and smoother ride while saving fuel.

As well, Rim Pull Control reduces wheel spin and slippage, which helps to save fuel, reduce tire wear and improve productivity.

For the L70H and L90H, a lock-up torque converter lowers rpm and increases speed to increase cycle times.

The tipping load is increased by 1.7 per cent for the L60H, 1.6 per cent for the L70H and 3.4 per cent for the L90H.

The H Series wheel loaders are also now built with a new loader arm, designed to optimize payload. A slide-able cooler provides easier access to remove dirt, while a 50 per cent larger hydraulic oil cooler improves cooling capacity and lowers hydraulic oil temperatures.

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For improved serviceability, redesigned engine and transmission oil fill points allow for quick cleaning and adding of fluids.

Furthermore, the electro-servo hydraulic controls feature adjustable sensitivity and allow operators to shift quickly between linear and single-lever controls, on the L70H and L90H models.

Beginning in December, the L70H and L90H loaders will be available with an external axle cooler option that minimizes the risk of overheating and prolongs axle oil change intervals. As well, the delayed engine shutdown option reduces engine wear by avoiding hot turbo shutdowns.

The wheel loaders are also supported by ActiveCare Direct, the Volvo telematics service that provides 24/7 machine monitoring and fleet utilization reporting directly from Volvo.