Load Assist updated by Volvo Construction

Wheel Loader Load Assist

Volvo Construction Equipment has updated Load Assist, its on-board weighing system, to improve payload accuracy while the machine is in motion.

The Load Assist update applies to Volvo’s L110H to L260H wheel loaders. Combined with a new version of the Android platform, operators will now get real-time information on every bucket’s load within a one per cent accuracy.

“Load Assist, on-board weighing gives operations a level of accuracy that will improve their efficiency and productivity even more, helping to reduce over-loading, under-loading, reweighing and waiting times,” said Eric Yeomans, wheel loader product manager for Volvo Construction Equipment.

“Additionally, our system is dynamic, meaning wheel loader operators can weigh their loads on the move.”

The on-board Volvo Co-Pilot display allows operators to access the machine’s real-time information via a 15-cm, high resolution touchscreen.

Co-Pilot works together with the on-board weighing app, which captures all load data via pressure and position sensors.

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While in operation, the system is able to deliver the loading progress in real-time. The system measures the bucket load on-the-go to eliminate any disruption in workflow.

As well, coloured bars assist the operator to visualize the tonnage currently in the loader’s bucket, tonnage already delivered and tonnage that still needs to be delivered, while icons offer insight into why the weight is not locked properly.

volvo construction load assistIn addition to the payload accuracy, there are several other updates in this version,  including a new interface simplifying daily calibration, with step-by-step guidance; a new view selector that allows operators to see load data and the rear-view camera at the same time; and an A-Z sorting function to make organizing lists such as work orders, customers and targets easier.

As well, Load Assist is now able to display payload in pounds in addition to tons, while a new Android tethering function allows remote software downloads.

Using Volvo Co-Pilot, the system will feed information to the CareTrack telematics system, giving remote access to the machine’s data and performance to the manager who can then determine areas of opportunity to improve productivity and lower costs.