Volvo launches 6 new skid steer and CTL models

Volvo skid steer

Volvo D-Series skid steer loaders and compact track loaders have been revamped with a stronger boom design that provides up to 11 per cent higher lifting capacities compared to the previous generation.

As well, the cabs of the six new machines offer 30 per cent more room and up to 60 per cent greater visibility.

The new models include the MC110D, MC115D and MC135D skid steer loaders, and MCT110D, MCT125D and MCT135D compact track loaders.

“From the improved boom design to the larger platform, entrance and cab, the D-Series is the culmination of customer feedback, significant research and development, and a great deal of field testing,” said Kevin Scotese, product manager of Volvo Construction Equipment. “The end result is an impressive line-up that is among the most productive, durable and safe in the industry,”

More steel

The D-Series skid steer and CTLS are equipped with the next-generation curved single loader arm, built with 20 per cent more steel than conventional models. The heavy-duty design and extra reinforcement provide more strength and rigidity while distributing the load, which reduces material loss from the bucket and limits sway in heavy pallet handling applications.

Several of the D-Series models also come with significant rated operating capacity (ROC) improvements over their preceding models. The MC110D has a ROC of 1,134 kg, up from 1,020 kg on the C-Series.

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The MC115D has a ROC of 1,225 kg a four per cent increase. The MCT110D has a ROC of 1,134 kg, an 11 per cent. The MCT125D has a ROC of 1,225 kg pounds up four per cent from 1,179 kg. As well, an optional counterweight kit can give the MCT135D a seven per cent boost in ROC to 1,451 kg.

No need for grease

The D-Series machines are equipped with a fully enclosed attachment bracket that eliminates the need for greasing, as well as a replaceable, reversible wear plate. The new visual indicator lets the operator know when the attachment is locked.

The ROPS/FOPS high-spec Volvo cab is the largest on the market, offering more than 30 per cent more room than standard skid steers and compact track loaders.

The wider side-entry door and new handrails allow operators to enter safely without stepping over an attachment, and less effort is required to close the cab door, thanks to a new cab air vent.

With the curved single loader arm, large top window and narrow ROPS cab pillars, operators benefit from 270 degrees of visibility — up to 60 per cent more than conventional models featuring the two-arm design.

The redesigned D-Series also features large glass panels and a rearview mirror. Fitted with an adjustable seat, the noise-insulated cab provides generous legroom and storage, an advanced climate-control system and easy-to-read gauges located in the two ergonomic consoles.

Simple servicing

Access to internal components is made easier with the D-Series, thanks to the forward-tilting cab, a process that can be performed by one person without the need to raise the arm.

For added convenience, all service and maintenance points are arranged in a simple layout, which can also be accessed using the large rear door.