Manitou Group builds upon its compact machine lineup


Manitou Group has unveiled three new segments in its construction range, with the introduction of new compact fixed telehandlers, ultra-compact telehandlers, as well as new articulated loaders. 

Manitou announced the new product lines during its online Build the Future event, which streamed to more than 3,000 people in 90 countries. 

Manitou is creating a new segment in its construction range with compact and hydrostatic fixed telehandlers. The new range includes the MT 730 H, the MT 930 H, and the MT 930 HA with platform basket.

The compact telehandlers measure 2 metres wide by 2 metres high and can be equipped with a broad selection of equipment. 

A new boom with built-in cylinder offers greater visibility for enhanced safety during loading and unloading. With their small size, the three models are easy to transport and can be quickly delivered from site-to-site. A fork mounting system on the carriage has been designed to further optimize the length of the machine with attachment to reduce transport costs. To guarantee precise and flexible movements, the compact telehandlers have a hydrostatic transmission and a 75 hp engine.  

A new solution has also been added to this equipment to reduce the total cost of ownership. With the implementation of the new Stop & Start Solution, the telehandlers’ will shut down when idling. It can be configured from one minute to 30 minutes and turns the engine back on when the accelerator pedal is pressed or via movement of the JSM, without having to restart by turning the key. According to Manitou, the Stop & Start Solution can equal as much as a 45 per cent reduction in fuel use.  

Enhanced site safety 

To meet the requirements of restricted or indoor construction sites, the telehandlers can be equipped with the optional Safety Pack.

The device warns on-site teams and feeds data back to the fleet manager. Any inappropriate behaviour is identified by sensors activating two flashing lights inside and outside the cab, such as movement of the machine with the boom raised, the seat belt not being fastened or temporary activation of movement cut-off.

To avoid any inadvertent movement of the machine, the JSM now detects the operator’s hand to carry out hydraulic movements. A reversing aid also informs the operator if there is anybody behind the telehandler. An automatic parking brake with hill-start assist also helps to reduce the risk of accidents. 

With a capacity of 3  tonnes, the MT 730, MT 930 and MT 930 HA models are ideal for residential construction and renovation work. The models also have a new floating fork carriage with forks that fold up to make travelling on the road and towing safer and easier.  A new compact bucket with an 800-litre capacity was created for the machines, allowing safe movement of loose material with a maximum density of 2,100 kg per cubic metre. 

ULM telehandlers

To further extend its product line, Manitou will launch ultra-compact rough-terrain telehandlers, which measure 1.9 metres high and 1.49 metres wide by the end of the year.

The ULM (Ultra-Light Manitou) models weigh 2,700 kg with a standard attachment and can be transported on a standard trailer with no specific permit required. Intended for the construction sector, but also for landscaping or events teams, they will be delivered to the dealer network in early 2022. 

Articulated loaders

Manitou Group is also revamping and extending its range of articulated loaders. Available with Tier 4 Final engines, the new machines feature a new design, accompanied by numerous options to best meet the needs of its users. The innovations include a reduced width for moving around rough-terrain sites more easily, an optimized hydrostatic transmission for enhanced comfort and an increasingly lower total cost of ownership.

The four compact models, MLA 2, MLA 3, MLA 4 and MLA 5, will be connected and equipped with a short arm for greater capacity and a long arm for applications calling for increased lifting height. They will also be available with canopy or cab. The new models will be distributed within the Manitou dealer network by the end of 2021