McCloskey pairs power with portability with I4C compact impact crusher


Built to the same standards as full-size crushers, McCloskey International has unveiled the I4C, a new compact entry into the manufacturer’s impact crusher line. 

In its own class, the crusher brings the power and productivity of a 1.125-metre impactor to a compact footprint delivering more manoeuvrability. 

The new I4C delivers additional convenience and options to suit various needs. McCloskey engineers adapted the design to meet the evolving requirements of today’s projects and operations by developing more compact products. 

“Listening to our customers is a core element of our design engineering across all product lines. We are bringing to the I4C to market to respond to the demand for a heavy duty, high production impact crusher with high mobility and enriched safety features,” said Toni Laaksonen, senior vice president at McCloskey International.

“The I4C is an exciting entrant to the category, and we look forward to working with our global dealer network to fulfill the demand for these products.” 

The compact impact crusher has been designed with a deeper chamber, creating greater tramp release space. With an aggressive blow bar and apron design, 4 bar variable speed rotor and three crush zones with an optional fourth strike, the I4C can be set up as a primary or secondary crusher to tackle tough materials. 

A new asymmetric feeder reduces bridging that can occur in some applications. When combined with the single unit feeder-hopper construction, the feeder delivers improved motion and vibration for the material as it moves into the impact chamber. 

Maximum efficiency of material flow is delivered end-to-end with the I4C, from the feeder to the new curved belt on the main conveyor that better manages material delivered to its  3.75 metre high stockpile. With quick release and ground level access, the conveyor belt is also easy to maintain and service.

For safety, the I4C is equipped with a number of features to ensure the workplace and the operator are secure. A chamber door safety sensor, built in safety shutdown functions, chamber safety arm and an innovative platform for changing blow bars all contribute to the safe operation and maintenance of the equipment.

The crusher is easy to use, and includes safety considerations built into the low voltage electrical system, hydraulics and control panel.  Higher engine power delivers cost efficiency by delivering maximum production levels and is, size-for-size, McCloskey’s most powerful impact crusher. 

For maintenance, the vast majority of components are identical between models to simplify spare parts. As well, ground level access allows for quick service and maintenance, reducing the downtime for the operation. 

The compact mobile crusher is ideal for construction and demolition recycling, asphalt recycling and aggregate. The new impactors deliver high performance and expanded versatility in a highly mobile lineup to customers around the world. With their fast set-up time and ability to nimbly move around in tight spaces, the crusher’s small footprint is uniquely suited to heavy duty applications where mobility and high production are key.