Bergkamp debuts new spray injection pothole patcher


Bergkamp Inc has introduced its new SP5E Spray Injection Pothole Patcher. 

The SP5E replaces the company’s SP5 spray patcher, and delivers improvements in safety, ease of use and sustainability. 

With the SP5E, each repair requires minimal time. Utilizing Bergkamp’s exclusive SPECS (Smart Patching Equipment Control System), with material mix control technology, units are equipped with a joystick and touchscreen display that provide full operator control. The SP5E is truck-mounted and is operated safely from inside of the cab by a single operator — freeing crew members to tackle other tasks. 

As the patching operations are PTO-driven, Bergkamp has been able to eliminate the traditional auxiliary engine. The result is less pollution, less noise and a reduction in maintenance requirements. 

Designed with safety for crew members and the travelling public as its first priority, the SP5E includes a number of unique safety features, including:

  • Asphalt repairs are handled from the front of the machine, ensuring traffic stays safely behind the patcher.
  • SPECS monitors the front boom position, to help keep it in the safe operating zone.
  • An automatic latching system allows the operator to secure the boom for safe travel without leaving the cab.
  • Lights, arrow boards and camera options provide additional safety measures.

The SP5E is simple to use, and operators require only minimal training, included at startup, to become proficient in producing quality pothole repairs. 

A new feature that lends to the unit’s simplicity is Bergkamp’s SPECS system, which controls material outputs according to a configurable mix design — improving the quality and repeatability of pothole repairs. 

As well, a touchscreen provides easy-to-follow steps to simplify operation. Joystick controls have been developed for ease of use and efficiency. 

The SP5E offers a choice of single- or dual-chamber aggregate hopper. 

As an industry-exclusive option, a dual-chamber aggregate hopper, which is user-configurable for 60/40 or 50/50 split, allows the distribution of two different gradations of aggregate for more effective repair of deeper potholes and to better match the characteristics of the existing asphalt pavement. 

With either single- or dual-chamber, the aggregate hopper total volumetric capacity is 3.8 cubic metres struck. A 55-degree hopper wall angle allows material to flow steadily to the augers, eliminating the need for a vibration system. And in a feature exclusive to the SP5E, aggregate can easily be unloaded from the hopper by removing a cover in the rear and operating the augers in reverse.

Three emulsion nozzles in the spray head provide a homogeneous coating of aggregate with the asphalt emulsion. 

The spray head oscillates to deliver precise control and even distribution of patch material in the pothole, reducing the boom movement necessary to make the repair. The emulsion nozzles automatically blow out to self-clean after every patch, preventing nozzle blockages from developing.

The SP5E comes equipped with Bergkamp’s exclusive telematics solution — InPave Technology Pothole Patching Management System — which provides agency administrators with the most innovative and supported method to manage pothole patching data and costs for planning and budgetary purposes.