Cat boosts production and durability with new 395 excavator

Cat 395 excavator

Caterpillar’s Next Generation 395 excavator delivers up to 10 per cent more production, twice the structural durability, and up to 20 per cent less maintenance costs than its predecessor, the 390F.

“We increased swing torque and stick force by 10 per cent,” said Brian Abbott, worldwide product manager for Caterpillar large excavators. “These increases enable contractors to use larger buckets for much greater productivity.”

The new 395 includes a feature usually only found on larger Cat mining shovels, like the 6015B. A key driver to the 395’s production is a new dedicated hydrostatic swing circuit.

“The circuit enables the excavator to regenerate swing brake energy and independently manage cylinder oil flow,” Abbott said. “What that means for owners and operators is greater fuel efficiency along with smoother, more predictable performance when multitasking with the machine.” 

Power, Smart or Eco

The 395 excavator is equipped with three modes of operation: Power, Smart, and Eco. Power mode delivers maximum power at all times. Eco mode lowers engine speed and cycle times while maintaining breakout force.

Smartmodetakes the guesswork out by automatically matching engine and hydraulic power to the actual digging conditions — all to reduce fuel consumption and optimize performance.

The 395 excavator’s cooling system features a new on-demand fan that’s designed to operate only when its required, which helps save to reduce fuel consumption. As well, an available auto reverse function assists with cleaning debris from the cooling cores, which enhances operating efficiency.

395 excavator specs

  • Engine: Cat C18
  • Engine Power: 543 hp
  • Operating Weight: 93,200 kg
  • Max dig depth: 9.67 metres
  • Max reach: 14.7 metres
  • Max loading height: 9.25 metres

Increased durability

Cat promises the 395 excavator will take on demanding work. Booms, sticks and frames are twice as strong as those on the previous model — all to give owners reliable performance for the life of the machine. 

Booms have increased top and bottom plate thickness; sticks have increased side, bottom, and bracket plate thickness; and frames have increased base frame and counterweight mounting plate thickness.

The reinforced car body, track link, track rollers, as well as boom, stick and bucket cylinders ensure long-term, trouble-free performance.

395 excavator requires less maintenance

Extended and synchronized maintenance intervals contribute to the 395 excavator lower long-term costs.

The new Cat air filter with an integrated pre-cleaner and primary and secondary filters provides double the dust-holding capacity of the previous design.

The new Cat hydraulic return filter has a 3,000-hour service life — a 50 per cent increase over previous filters. Fuel system filters are synchronized for service at 1,000 hours — a 100 per cent increase compared to the previous filters.

The fuel system’s water and sediment drains and hydraulic system’s oil level check are positioned close together at ground level, making routine maintenance faster, easier, and safer.


The 395 offers a choice between a deluxe and premium cab. Performance-enhancing features like the front-facing control panel, keyless pushbutton start and large touchscreen monitor with jog dial keys are standard features.

Other cab amenities include:

  • Tilt-up console that allows easy cab entry and exit.
  • Advanced viscous cab mounts that reduce vibration as much as 50 per cent compared with previous models.
  • Bluetooth integrated radio with USB ports for connecting and charging phones.
  • Automatic climate control that maintains temperature settings regardless of ambient temperatures.
  • Programmable joystick buttons that allow setting control patterns and hydraulic response rates for individual preferences.
  • Large front, rear and side windows along with standard rearview and right-hand-sideview cameras to enhance visibility.
  • An optional 360-degree-visibility package that combines images from multiple cameras to enhance the operator’s sight lines in all directions.

“In this size class, production is the most critical contractor requirement,” Abbott said. “The 395 delivers that and so much more.”

Standard tech

The 395 excavator is equipped with several technological features.

“The 395 has the industry’s most comprehensive offering of factory-installed technology in its size class,” said Abbott. “Our goal is take an owner’s operating efficiency to a much higher level.”

Cat Payload helps operators increase loading efficiency with on-the-go weighing. Real-time payload estimates can be calculated without swinging to help prevent overloading and underloading trucks. The monitor’s USB port allows operators to download results from a single shift all the way up to 30 days of work with no need for an internet connection or a VisionLink subscription.

The 395 excavator is also equipped with Cat Grade with 2D, which gives operators visual guidance to grade via the standard touchscreen monitor so they can make more accurate cuts. The system is readily upgradable to Cat Grade with Advanced 2D or Cat Grade with 3D for enhanced accuracy. Advanced 2D includes an additional touchscreen monitor to enable in-field design.

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Lift Assist is a new safety feature that helps prevent the excavator from tipping. It calculates the weight of the actual load being lifted and compares it to the excavator’s rated capability. Visual and auditory alerts let the operator know if the excavator is within a safe working range.

Whether equipped with a bucket or hammer, standard 2D E-Fence prevents the excavator from moving outside operator-defined points. This helps protect the machine and other objects from damage and reduces the risk of fines related to zoning or underground and aboveground utility damage. It also helps prevent operator fatigue by reducing over swinging and digging. 

Auto Hammer Stop prevents unnecessary wear and tear on the attachment and machine. A warning message appears on the monitor after 15 seconds of continuous firing. As well, the hammer will automatically stop after 30 seconds of continuous firing.