Komatsu debuts the D155CX-8 pipelayer

komatsu pipelayer

The new pipelayer features an oval track undercarriage, designed for stability

Komatsu has introduced the new D155CX-8 pipelayer for customers in the energy sector looking for stability and performance from their pipelaying equipment.

The D155CX-8 pipelayer was developed and designed in conjunction with pipeline companies.

“During field evaluations, it received high praise from our pipeline contractors,” said Rich Smith, vice president, product and services division at Komatsu.

The D155CX-8 has a lift capacity of 77,110 kg and an oval track undercarriage that was designed for stability.

The pipelayer’s front/rear and left/right weight distribution provides maneuverability and stability. With long 3.9 metre tracks on ground, the D155CX-8 improves stability for pipeline work, especially when working on adverse grades.

“The undercarriage has excellent weight distribution providing maneuverability and stability for work on slopes,” Smith said.

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Featuring a ROPS cab with automatic climate control, large cab windows, a skylight viewing area and both front and rearview cameras for operator safety and comfort, the optional features of the D155CX-8 include load moment indicator and an additional right-side counterweight-mounted camera.  Furthermore, simple breakdown makes the D155CX-8 pipelayer easy to transport.

The pipelayer is powered by a Tier 4 Komatsu SAA6D140E-7 engine delivering 360 hp.

The D155CX-8 also features Komatsu’s 3-speed TORQFLOW transmission that consists of a water-cooled, 3-element, 1-stage and 1-pahse torque converter and a planetary gear. The multiple disc clutch transmission is hydraulically actuated and force-lubricated for optimum heat dissipation. The transmission is also equipped with a gearshift lock lever and neutral safety switch.

Komatsu’s new pipelayer made its debut at ConExpo 2020 in March. The company has designated the energy market as an important area of growth to meet the needs of its ever-growing customer base. The machine will be released commercially later this year.

At its ConExpo booth, the D155CX-8 joined the D155PX-8, which is also designed for the North American energy market.  

With wider gauge and longer track on ground than the standard model, the purpose-built low ground pressure D155PX-8 is built for soft underfoot conditions. ​The Komatsu-designed and built manual angle power tilt (MAPT) blade makes the D155PX-8 ideal for pipeline work. ​

Semi-U blades are also available for general construction, tailings pond and reclamation.