Artisan Vehicles develops 10 tonne zero emission loader

Artisan Vehicles
According to Artisan, the A10 delivers 250 per cent more power, with a 30 per cent larger bucket than similar diesel loaders.

Artisan Vehicles has added a third machine to its lineup of zero emission, battery-powered mining machines.

The A10 is an all-new zero emission battery loader designed to be the cleanest, most compact 10 tonne Load/Haul/Dump (LHD) underground mining vehicle in production.

According to Artisan Vehicles, the A10 delivers 250 per cent more power, with a 30 per cent larger bucket than similar diesel loaders.

Powered by Lithium batteries and a power dense electric motor system, its traction motors deliver 724 hp and 3,024 foot-pounds of torque, while its auxiliary motor provides 167 hp and 516 foot-pounds of torque.

“We are accelerating our strategy of creating smaller, more powerful, more capable underground production machines.” said Mike Kasaba, CEO of Artisan Vehicles. “Machines that produce far more for the mine without increasing heading or stope dimensions. All of our machines not only provide clean zero emission operation, but also move more tonnes every single day. We promise to continue to innovate and lead the industry by building the most productive, most reliable battery powered machines in the world.”

It’s hauling capacity is also delivered in a smaller package. The A10 is the same size as a smaller 7 tonne diesel loader, which translates into 40 per cent more production in every bucket. Furthermore, the loader generates about 87.5 per cent less heat than a comparable diesel loader.


The A10 has an all-new automated battery exchange system called PitStop. Named for its reference to racing, PitStop gets the A10 back to work quickly and safely.

Pitstop allows the A10 to automatically drop off and pick up a fresh battery in just a couple of minutes. The A10 will use AI and camera systems to guide itself into a charging bay, executing the entire swap hands-free for maximum efficiency in just a couple of minutes. Artisan claims the battery swapping ability will have next to zero impact on cycle times.

“We have added several first-time features to the A10,” said Brian Huff, Artisan’s Chief Technology Officer.

“Our PitStop auto-swap system cuts battery swap time significantly. Our new diagnostic systems make repair and maintenance move much faster. We have learned a lot about how best to engineer battery equipment from our seven years in production. The A10 is loaded with powerful new technologies that operators and technicians will really appreciate.”

As well, regenerative breaking helps to recharge the A10 as it works. In the right environment, Artisan claims the A10 could potentially operate for an entire shift on a single charge.

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