Lone Star Drills boosts torque on its LS400T+ Rotary Head

lone star drills

Lone Star Drills has equipped its LS400T+ Rotary Head with high-torque Rineer rotary vane hydraulic motors.

The water well and geothermal drill is the largest rig in the Lone Star lineup, and drills as deep as 122 metres through hard rock and volcanic formations.

The new hydraulic motor reduces rotary service time from days to less than an hour.

“The Rineer motor and Super Swivel combination is an all-around improvement compared to the drill’s previous top drive swivel and hydraulic motor. It’s easier to work on and provides greater torque,” said Joe Haynes, president of Little Beaver.

“With the previous rotary, servicing a leak often took the drill out of use for two to three days while the swivel was in the shop. Now the drill can be up and running in about 30 minutes with a backup swivel and operators can replace seals on the leaking swivel at their leisure.”

Lone Star offers the LS400T+ with two different Rineer motors, both providing greater torque than the drill’s previous hydraulic motor.

The MV037 operates at a maximum speed of 125 rpm and is ideal for mud rotary drilling. The motor generates up to 1,030 foot-pounds of torque at 3,000 psi.

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The larger MV057 motor operates at a maximum speed of 60 rpm and is ideal for DTH hammer drilling. It offers as much as 2,200 foot-pounds of torque at 3,000 psi.

The LS400T+ delivers 6,804 kg of pullback force — three times more than Lone Star Drills’ next largest model — and 4,082 kg of push-down force.

At a weight of 3,493 kg, the drill requires less anchoring than lighter trailer-mounted rigs. It also accommodates a 3-metre drill pipe, which allows crews to quickly reach target depth.

The water well drill is trailer mounted and towable by a small truck or UTV. The trailer features surge brakes, three hand jacks for levelling and can be fitted with either a pintle ring or ball hitch. It also includes an integrated pipe rack to transport drill pipe between locations.