Ardco introduces AMT dump beds for multi-purpose truck


Ardco is introducing new AMT Dump Beds for its articulating multi-purpose truck (AMT).

The dump beds offer payloads of 10 to 20 tons, volume upgrades for lighter materials and tire options to suit extreme conditions.

For optimal machine flexibility, the beds can be added or removed from the modular AMT platform when there is a need to change the back-end attachment for different jobsite tasks.

The AMT 600 dump bed provides a payload of 18,143 kg and standard dump capacity of more than 12 cubic metres. Side boards may be added to increase capacity to more than 18 cubic metres when handling low-density material.

The AMT 400 dump bed has a 9,071 kg payload and more than 6 cubic metres dump capacity that goes up to 9.5 cubic metres with side boards. Both models have a 70-degree dump angle at full dump height, with an efficient raise time of 12.5 seconds and lower time of 13.2 seconds.

The dump beds are among many interchangeable Ardco attachments compatible with the back-end platform of the AMT, allowing users to tackle multiple applications with a single machine.

The AMT 600 is powered by a 250-hp Cummins QSB6.7 Tier 4 Final diesel engine, features selectable 4- or 6-wheel-drive and has a top travel speed of 48 km per hour. The 200-hp AMT 400 has selectable 2- or 4-wheel-drive and travels up to 40 km per hour.

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Specifically built for off-road travel, the AMT includes a high-strength centre pivot trunnion with about 20 degrees of oscillation, which allows all tires to maintain ground contact and traction while driving over rough terrain.

The 40-degree approach/departure angle is twice that of most ADTs, giving the AMT superior off-road capability.

ARDCOThe Ardco truck features hydraulic articulation steering by double hydraulic cylinders, with a brake assist option available. The articulating motion allows the tires to slide left or right to gain traction in wet or muddy conditions. Users can choose from multiple tire options, including terra, construction, tractor or sand tires.

The AMT has a two-person, fully enclosed, all-weather ROPS cab with heating and air conditioning.

A 15-cm display in the steering column provides digital gauges with onboard diagnostics, digital manual access, and an optional backup camera display. The streamlined design offers panoramic visibility and ergonomic controls.