Here’s 7 ways to improve concrete operations with a telehandler

By Pascal Prévost, Manulift EMI

Is there any better feeling than finishing a smooth, freshly paved, concrete project? That feeling makes the hard work worth it for both concrete project managers and contractors. 

However, with so many unpredictable factors from personnel to environmental, completing concrete projects require precise, efficient and versatile machinery. 

That is where having the right telehandler comes in. A compact telehandler, such as the Merlo series, will bring a variety of advantages to your concrete applications. 

Tight spaces

Compact telehandlers will allow contractors to work within tight spaces. The right telehandler, like the Merlo 27, will enhance the precision of concrete projects through manoeuvrability in the tightest spaces thanks to their tight turning radius and 20 per cent more compact design.

 Increased productivity

Consider using a single versatile piece of equipment to take care of multiple tasks instead of overcrowding your worksite. 

Telehandlers are perfect to handle the capabilities of skid steers and other machinery. 

In fact, larger models are often brought in to feed basements and the first couple of floors of a building while waiting for cranes to arrive at the site. 

Increased safety

Telehandlers offer increased safety on the jobsite. There are a variety of safety features on different models. An example is the steel belt that encompasses the entire cab in Merlo models, while offering features to allow improved operator control and insights such as Dynamic Load Control and 360-degree visibility.

Faster movement 

On a concrete work site, moving equipment and materials can be an arduous process. Telehandlers are built to make those difficulties look easy. With forks, jibs, buckets and other attachments, material handling on concrete sites is the most popular usage for these telehandlers.

Quickly move between tasks

Quickly going from one task to the next is vital for concrete projects. Merlo knows this and has built its telehandlers to be versatile machines capable of saving you time and manpower with their efficiency.

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Models that have a quick-attach feature can switch from different attachments with ease. The built-in sensors also automatically detect which attachment is being used and calibrates to fit the needs of that attachment.

 Operator comfort 

Construction sites can be busy and hectic places. Telehandlers are larger pieces of machinery designed with operator comfort in mind. The machines offer great features like air conditioning, 360-degree visibility and cab suspensions that all ensure that operators’ focus is on what is happening outside the cab.

 Fuel savings

Telehandlers have proven to benefit the bottom line of its operators. 

This is especially true for fuel efficiency. These savings, along with the increased productivity, mean that you can invest more into your employees, material and essentially, your business.

Overall, on a concrete site, time is money and moving faster means more money in your pockets.