Cemen Tech Acquires UK-based Contech

Contech cemen tech

Expanding its global reach in volumetric concrete technology, Cemen Tech has acquired Contech Testing & Consultancy Ltd.

Based in England, Contech provides a full range of services related to concrete, including mix design, testing and production quality control.

Contech’s services and an accredited laboratory will allow Cemen Tech to expand its support for companies in the United Kingdom operating volumetric concrete mixers and doing masonry block production.

The acquisition also delivers on Cemen Tech’s corporate mission to become an innovative, end-to-end, concrete technology service company. The effort was acknowledged with the 2020 Manufacturing Technology Award from the Technology Association of Iowa.

“Though our roots are solidly planted in Iowa, Cemen Tech continues its commitment to the global construction industry. We need to keep expanding our concrete services to ensure our customers are able to produce the highest quality concrete in the world,” said Connor Deering, CEO and president of Cemen Tech.

“Acquiring a concrete testing company like Contech helps us do that with an unparalleled level of expertise.”

Contech will continue to operate under its current name as a division of Volumech, Cemen Tech’s existing United Kingdom operation. With Contech’s office in Wolverhampton, England, Cemen Tech now has three locations across the United Kingdom, which deal in Cemen Tech concrete mixers, parts, refurbishments and service, its proprietary fleet management software Accu-Pour, and now concrete mix design and testing.

“My whole team is excited to join the Cemen Tech family of companies,” said Phill Moore, founder of Contech Testing & Consultancy Ltd.

“Cemen Tech is hands-down the leader in the volumetric concrete world. Our lab and field testing has repeatedly shown that Cemen Tech trucks are more accurate and efficient when it comes to quality concrete mixing. Now we get to work even closer with them – combining their equipment with our deep science and materials knowledge.”