Yanmar Compact Equipment adopts Premium Red globally

Yanmar's Premium Red design shown on some of its compact equipment.

Yanmar Compact Equipment has adopted the “Premium Red” paint colour across all its machines, globally. Premium Red machines were first introduced onto the North American market in 2020.

Now, this rollout sees Yanmar’s EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Africa), AOLA (Asia excl. Japan, Oceania, Latin America) and Japanese markets completing the metamorphosis. The new Premium Red paint colour brings Yanmar’s compact equipment in line with Yanmar Group’s image.

“Our dealers and our customers really like the new colour,” stated Jeff Pate, Director of Sales, Yanmar Compact Equipment North America. “Everyone feels that Premium Red attracts attention on the jobsite, and just as the quality and reliability of our products stand out from the competition, in a sea of yellow competitive machines in North America, our Premium Red colour stands out too.”

Yanmar believes that this shift from the well-known Yanmar yellow is more than simply a cosmetic colour change. For Yanmar Compact Equipment, the symbolism of this change resonates on a deeper level.

“Yanmar Compact Equipment is on a journey of transformation,” explains CEO, Giuliano Parodi, “We aim to be a global leader in Compact Equipment and with the help of our dealer partners, deliver sustainable business solutions for our customers and the societies in which they operate. Our acquisitions of the last few years are now fully integrated into a harmonized, Yanmar CE way of working, with common processes and customer focus right across our enlarged product and services portfolio. For us, Premium Red sends out a clear signal that we are one company, with a clear product strategy. But our transformation goes far beyond our machines, we are challenging the way we think and the way we work, to transform our products, our business, and our brand to create even more value for our customers.”

In product transformation, Yanmar CE is currently evaluating several alternative fuel and powertrain technologies and recently unveiled its first electric mini excavator prototype, the new SV17e. Featuring the new Premium Red colour, the SV17e is aimed at customers in the European market in the 1.5 to 2.0 tonnes segment.

Yanmar Premium Red branding shown on its new SV17e electric excavator.

“Our prototype is significant because it demonstrates our capability to bring the quality and reliability of our highly respected conventional engine technology into the arena of electrification,” explained Director Product Management EMEA, Cedric Durand.

In business transformation, Yanmar Compact Equipment is continuing to invest in manufacturing infrastructure and in expanding their global dealer network to increase the proximity to customers, reduce lead times and improve service. Seemingly, linked to these investments is a focus on improving customer experience.

“Our move to Premium Red across our machines certainly signals a change and we are confident that our customers will start to see other changes too,” explained Elsie De Nys, Global Director Channel and Brand Development. “We have the ambition to be a leader, not only in machines but in the customer experience too and are working hard to get closer to our customers to identify new and innovative ways in which we can add value to them.”

According to the company, the change to the new Premium Red looks to herald a new confidence in the Yanmar Compact Equipment brand. It also coincides with the launch of its new tagline, Together We Build.

“Our aim, together with our dealer partners, is to build stronger relationships and create even greater customer value,” Parodi said. “‘Together We Build,’ really underlines our commitment to transforming Yanmar CE and with the help of our dealers, to focus on creating a new and exciting experience for our customers.”