Topcon brings its machine control to compact equipment with MC-Mobile

A Kubota compact excavator, painted Topcon blue and outfitted with Topcon's new MC-Mobile for compact equipment.

Topcon Positioning Group has announced its all-new MC-Mobile portable machine control solution for compact equipment. Based on the Topcon MC-X machine control platform, MC-Mobile offers the user experience and competitive performance benefits of full-size machine control guidance solutions for compact excavators, skid steers and compact track loaders (CTL).

More than machine control

MC-Mobile provides users with design, build and check functionalities and a feature-rich Topcon software experience. Operators can utilize modular components for a wide range of applications, including grade checking, creating designs on the fly, and self-performing site layouts without traditional staking.

Displays and other components are designed to be easily shared across numerous machines in owned or rental fleet environments. These pieces can also be moved from grade checking/layout rover pole to machine and back.

“Somebody would use the laser, pole and tablet as a three-in-one solution. They can arrive on-site, back the mini excavator or compact track loader off the trailer, measure the area, use the tablet to design what’s supposed to be there and then actually do their own checks before they leave the site,” explained Oscar Cantu, Construction Content Manager, Topcon. “So, MC-Mobile is a machine control solution for compact equipment with three steps: measuring, design/grade, and validation.”

Topcon's MC-Mobile tablet.

Inertial measurement technology

Topcon’s MC-Mobile portable machine control solution for compact equipment utilizes inertial measurement technology. This technology is capable of measuring very fine movement, as well as pitch, roll and yaw. Inertial sensing uses predictive algorithms to generate high-accuracy control to increase grading speed and precision.

A simplistic example of this type of technology is the sensor that recognizes the way your cellphone is being held and automatically adjusts the orientation. Topcon takes this technology and applies it to more planes, allowing operators to have an extensive understanding of the relation of their machines to a desired grade.

“It doesn’t look like much, but these little black boxes are inertial motion unit sensors. That is really what powers this system,” said Cantu.

Unlocking the digital construction site for contractors of all sizes

“MC-Mobile is a simplified, yet comprehensive machine control and site work solution for any contractor that uses compact equipment,” said Jamie Williamson, executive vice president, Topcon Positioning Group. “It’s easy to set up and use, it’s affordable, and it offers the same competitive benefits of machine control solutions designed for larger equipment. MC-Mobile enables contractors to get jobs done faster and more accurately—eliminating costly rework and allowing them to reallocate resources to other tasks on the job site. MC-Mobile simplifies many tasks, giving business owners more control of their budgets and operations, creating downstream value and efficiency for operations of any size.”

According to Topcon, MC-Mobile will be available for purchase in April of 2022.