The first JLG straight-jib compact crawler boom lift is now available

JLG compact crawler boom lift.

JLG has introduced the X660SJ, its first straight-jib (SJ) compact crawler boom lift.

With 20-metres of platform height, 227 kg of capacity for up to two workers, 11.9 metres of horizontal reach and indoor/outdoor versatility, the new SJ compact crawler boom lift is ideal for a wide range of applications, including arboriculture, painting, general maintenance, electrical, HVAC and window washing.

“The X660SJ is designed with several unique features that are key to efficiently accessing work at height,” said Angela Patterson, JLG Boom Lift Product Management Lead. 

“For example, the architecture of this new straight-boom compact crawler boom lift enables operators to reach full height more efficiently, while it’s crawler-mounted design and 40 per cent gradeability mean the X660SJ can climb slopes with ease compared to standard lifts.”

As well, the X660SJ compact crawler boom lift features an 89-cm width, 1.98 metre height and 3,299 kg weight. 

“It’s … footprint allows operators to go more places around the job site, such as through gates and standard doorways to work in yards and public buildings,” Patterson said. 

JLG Performance features

The X660SJ compact crawler boom lift is equipped with several features to enhance performance. For example, envelope tracking operation for work alongside buildings, walls and other infrastructure. 

With a single control function, operators can boom up/down, while also telescoping out/in, so that the platform travels a path perpendicular to the ground.

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As well, multiple position, one-touch self-levelling outriggers provide flexibility to work in tight areas and to maximize the working envelope. 

The “Go Home” and “Back to Work” functions provide ease of returning to stowed or recorded work position. Software optimizes the path to the stowed or saved work position based on machine stability.

Power options

The X660SJ comes standard with a 14.5 hp Kubota diesel engine. A lithium-ion battery and AC drive system option is available, as is JLG’s new Bi-Energy option. This alternative equips the JLG compact crawler boom lift with two full-sized, independent power sources, combining an emissions-free lithium-ion battery pack with a dependable diesel engine. The Bi-Energy option enables operators to choose the best power source for the application — either the engine or the lithium-ion batteries. 

“The Bi-Energy system is designed to maintain the high performance and efficiency our customers expect … while minimizing their carbon footprint and decibel levels,” Patterson said. 

“With this option, operators can choose the best power source for the application. This dual power source design means that JLG Bi-Energy models can be used in a wide variety of settings — from general greenfield construction projects to environmentally sensitive job sites.”

Common to all three power sources, all JLG compact crawler boom lifts available in North America, including the new X660SJ, come standard with fully synthetic biodegradable hydraulic fluid so it can be used with confidence in environmentally sensitive areas.

Easy loading

Additionally, like JLG’s other compact crawler boom lift models, forklift pockets for loading and unloading for transportation are standard. 

Air, water and power lines to the platform, non-marking tracks for work on sensitive flooring, integrated front and rear LED lights for visibility and SkyGuard SkyLine enhanced control panel protection also come standard on the X660SJ crawler boom. 

JLG Component commonality

The new SJ compact crawler boom lift model also has similar components and serviceability features to JLG’s entire compact crawler boom lift product family, including the enclosed powertrack design, which protects machine components by reducing debris impact.

“With the X660SJ, productivity is a top priority,” Patterson said. 

“This compact, low-weight straight-jib model will transform how facility and construction professionals get work done at height, indoors and outdoors.”