JLG announces Quad Tracks for 600S and 660SJ boom lifts

JLG's Quad Tracks installed on a JLG 600-series boom lift.

JLG Industries has announced that it will now be offering Quad Tracks for JLG 600S and 660SJ boom lifts.

Quad Tracks from JLG consist of four triangular rubber-track systems, each measuring 34-in high by 54-in long by 18-in wide. The tracks bolt directly to the boom lift’s standard wheel hubs. Thus, offering an increase in machine utilization and flexibility for working on a range of surfaces. For example, sand, mud, gravel, grass, paved streets with curbs, potholes and sharp transitions.

The Quad Track’s design is low-profile and developed to minimize impact on ride height, track width and maximum drive speed. Furthermore, these features provide the machine operator with the benefit of excellent floatation, minimal rutting at job sites, traction improvements, greater comfort over obstacles and no “break over” effect.

Also, when work is complete, customers can swap the Quad Tracks for regular tires, or for use on other applicable models. Moreover, the Quad Tracks don’t require additional wide load transport accommodations for machine shipping when properly loaded and tied down for transport.

“There are many considerations when selecting a boom lift for the work at hand. This can sometimes make it challenging to choose between tires or tracks,” says Randi McClure, Marketing Manager for JLG Boom Lifts. “When this happens, Quad Tracks offer an alternative solution: The ability to convert a normal, wheeled JLG boom lift into a highly capable, tracked machine. This allows operators to cover a wide range of applications on multiple job sites with one machine—and offers fleet managers the ability to switch between continuous tracks and traditional wheels as needed.”

The new Quad Tracks from JLG are currently available with new 600S and 660SJ machine orders. Also, they are available as an aftermarket purchase on select, 2-wheel steer models.

According to the company, compatibility with additional models will be available in the near future.