Quebec’s UgoWork launches lithium-ion forklift battery management solution

UgoWork lithium-ion battery management solution for forklifts.

UgoWork, a Quebec-based energy solutions provider specialized in lithium-ion batteries for industrial trucks, has launched an end-to-end forklift battery management solution.

High-performance lithium-ion batteries

First, its lithium-ion batteries are designed specifically to maximize uptimes and team productivity for fleets in third-party logistics (3PL), warehousing and cold storage as well as in the manufacturing and food and beverage sectors. UgoWork’s 24V (Class II and III), 36V (Class I and II), and 48V (Class 1) lithium-ion batteries for electric forklift trucks are all certified by UL, the safety science leader that helps companies to demonstrate the safety, sustainability, security and quality of their products.

“When you think about the safety of lithium-ion batteries, UL certification comes first to mind,” explained Philippe Beauchamp, UgoWork’s president and CEO. “But safety is not a milestone, it’s a culture. Anyone in a relationship with UgoWork, from our team members to our customers, can experience safety through our processes, products and user experience. They can immediately feel the sustainability of our commitment.”

Energy as a Service (EaaS) business model

UgoWork introduces organizations throughout the supply chain to their exclusive Energy as a Service (EaaS) program. This pay-per-use model means that customers can achieve higher energy savings without compromising material handling operations—and free up CAPEX for investments in more strategic areas of their businesses.

In addition, while lithium-ion batteries provide extensive durable performance, UgoWork also works with trusted partners for the safe recycling and replacement of products that have come to the end of their useful lives—a must in today’s industry where sustainability targets and upcoming Battery Passport for complete traceability will become key.

Real-time fleet monitoring and optimization

The company’s 24/7 real-time and remote monitoring system helps customers to ensure steady throughput and uninterrupted operations.

“Thanks to the battery’s connectivity with the Cloud, our energy experts are supporting our customers around the clock. UgoWork can inform on any abnormal situation requiring immediate attention, or identify a potential bottleneck in equipment usage in the future. This system is a critical tool for businesses looking to reduce their total cost of ownership while increasing their throughput,” added Beauchamp. “Rather than ‘only’ offering sophisticated lithium-ion batteries, UgoWork took a holistic approach to address the day-to-day issues our customers face from an operations standpoint and overall business perspective. We believe that we are the value-added partner fleet managers need to meet their KPIs.”