RoboMag: Bomag’s vision of autonomous compaction

Bomag recently offered North America a glimpse into RoboMag, its vision for autonomous compaction. 

RoboMag, Bomag’s first autonomous tandem vibratory roller made its North American debut at ConExpo. 

With RoboMag, Bomag is turning its vision of fully autonomous construction equipment into a reality.  

The concept roller was developed as a technological study by Bomag in cooperation with the Technical University of Kaiserslautern in Germany. 

RoboMag tech

RoboMag combines guidance technologies such as GPS, Lidar and state-of-the-art positioning sensors with Bomag Asphalt Manager, the company’s intelligent compaction technology. 

RoboMag can be used as a fully autonomous tandem vibratory roller in a defined work area. The system obtains information on position, situation and movement using a combination of different technologies for spatial orientation, work area awareness and jobsite safety.

RoboMag also features sensory environment recognition to detect objects within its path to avoid collisions. 

In addition to fully automatic mode, RoboMag provides the option to follow manually entered movement patterns, so the roller can perform its task autonomously, even with special compaction projects.

For loading or manual operation, RoboMag can be operated by remote control. The roller incorporates emergency stop mechanisms for fully autonomous and manual operation. 

Beyond fully autonomous operation, RoboMag features Bomag’s Asphalt Manager system for automated Intelligent Compaction control, monitoring and documentation.

More news from Bomag:

According to the manufacturer, Asphalt Manager allows any operator to produce optimum and economical compaction at any time, on any subsoil. 

The operator simply selects the layer thickness and the process is then handled by the system. 

Once the mat layer thickness is determined, Asphalt Manager continuously measures compaction progress through the E-vib system and automatically adjusts drum vibration from true vertical to horizontal as mat stiffness increases. 

The system automatically adapts vibration to the roller’s travel direction to prevent bow waves and scuffing. Asphalt Manager delivers consistent automated compaction results without over compaction.