The Bomag BW 151 AD-5: fatigue-free operation

bomag roller

Bomag’s new BW 151 AD-5 is designed as a fatigue-free tandem vibratory roller that’s ideal for a variety of paving applications. 

The Bomag roller’s compact frame delivers a tight, 439-cm turning radius for maneuverability on parking lot, industrial and city development applications.

At the same time, a 168-cm drum width offers high-production compaction on large commercial, country road and highway applications.

As well, an oversized operator platform on the BW 151 AD-5 roller offers ample space for storage of items like lunch boxes and coats, while improving operator comfort. Upgraded to create fatigue-free operation and improved visibility, the suspended premium seat slides the length of the platform and swivels for an unobstructed view of the drum edges, critical when working close to obstructions. 

Since the platform is mounted away from the powertrain, the operator of the BW 151 AD-5 is protected from machine heat, exhaust and vibration for a more comfortable environment.

Compaction adaption

Dual vibration frequencies and amplitudes, plus individual control of front and rear drum vibration, gives the operator flexibility in adapting roller compaction to application requirements.

Large 110-cm diameter drums put more of the drum in contact with the surface to prevent mat pushing and shoving as well as improve mat quality. Built for optimum rolling speed while maintaining proper impact spacing for surface smoothness, the roller features a high-end 4,200 vpm frequency. 

The BW 151 AD-5 is powered by a 74.3 hp Tier 4 Final diesel engine. Bomag’s exclusive Ecomode operation automatically matches engine speed to load demand without losing power or productivity, delivering up to 30 per cent fuel savings over full engine speed operation and lowering operating noise levels. The roller’s optional Ecostop feature automatically shuts off the engine after a predetermined interval to avoid unnecessary fuel burn through excessive idling. 

Tech heavy

Helping to meet compaction specifications faced by  paving contractors, the Bomag BW 151 AD-5 offers a host of technologies to increase mat quality, reduce over-compaction and save time and money. Bomag’s intuitive Economizer compaction measurement system takes the guesswork out of rolling by delivering real-time compaction progress on the control panel’s LCD display.

As material stiffness increases, more lights illuminate in the display to let the operator know when optimum compaction is achieved and prevent fracturing the aggregate in the mix. Economizer saves contractors time, money and fuel by eliminating unnecessary passes and allowing for the correction of “soft” spots in the mat. 

Asphalt Manager features vectoring drum vibration from true vertical to true horizontal. Helping novice operators achieve the same compaction results as a seasoned veteran, Asphalt Manager’s operation requires only entering the asphalt lift thickness.

Vibration direction and compaction force is automatically controlled, based on material stiffness and temperature. As well, Asphalt Manager automatically matches vibration direction to the roller’s travel direction, preventing ripples in the mat. 

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For contractors who need to provide complete documentation of jobsite compaction, Bomag Compaction Management (BCM) system generates continuous compaction charts in real-time using GPS data to increase mat quality. 

For contractors already using a mapping system, the intelligent compaction (IC) interface is designed for easy third-party mapping system integration, since the IC interface allows the third-party system to tap into the roller’s onboard sensors and machine data, eliminating the time and cost required for third-party sensors to be installed. 

EasyService concept 

Bomag’s exclusive EasyService concept on the BW 151 AD-5 allows contractors to maximize roller uptime by minimizing service time. Special hermetically sealed bearings boast lifetime lubrication, eliminating grease zerks at all machine hinge points. The roller’s single-unit engine hood swings up and out of the way to deliver unobstructed access to the engine compartment and components. 

Furthermore, accessible external service drain points enable all fluids to be quickly drained without spillage. 

The roller’s pressurized water spray system is designed for long-life with a redundant, dual-pump design that ensures the roller will finish the job in the event one pump malfunctions. Two spring-loaded flexible polyurethane scrapers per drum evenly distribute the water across the entire drum width to keep it clean and can be pivoted out of the way for roading and cleaning. 

Wind protected to ensure drum coverage, the water spray nozzles feature a quick disconnect design for easy cleaning or replacement.