The next step in Soilmec’s 30-ton class piling rigs


Soilmec has unveiled the next step in the evolution of its 30-ton class piling rigs.

Since 1995, when the first R-312 was produced, the compact, yet powerful rigs have become a flagship for the manufacturer. 

From the Northwest Territories to the Leaning Tower of Pisa, the drilling rigs have virtually worked in all latitudes, tackling a variety of soils, rocks and weather conditions.

Now, with more than 1,500 units sold, Soilmec is introducing the next step in the segment: the new SR-35 EVO.

Soilmec claims the new piling rig is a fast machine that’s easy to operate, and an ideal solution for those looking for performance and agility on job sites. 

The rig maintains the distinctive design features of the SR-30. The compact geometry of the base machine and the parallelogram system allow the rig to move from truck to piling in less than 30 minutes. 

The machine can be moved with the Kelly bar mounted, which drastically reduces the setup time.

The SR-35 EVO is equipped with a 240 hp Cummins B6.7 Tier 4 Final engine, which delivers low idle control to improve efficiency and mitigate noise pollution. 

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Compared to the Soilmec SR-30, this new engine consumers 5 per cent less fuel and delivers up to 12 per cent more power.

The piling rig’s all new rotary-head features a 15 per cent increase in torque output through DMS regulation and a high transmission efficiency. 

The electronic control of the hydraulic motor displacement delivers efficiency and effectiveness advantages. When working in hard rock, the system delivers all available torque.

The Soilmec system also adjusts itself to deliver minimal torque when tackling easy soil. This means that during the drilling phase, the maximum possible speed is always used, maximizing the performance and the production rate.

The rig’s DMS 4.0 system, based on the IoT technology, enables to use the most advanced automatic functions developed by Soilmec, including Autodrilling, Autorotary, mast assisted lifting and automatic return to the hole centre.

The segmental mast of the SR-35 EVO is composed by two elements linked by a flange. The design allows the operator to shorten or extend the mast according to the jobsite needs, without removing the section linked to parallelogram system.

The solution enables to rapidly convert the rig machine in to the LHR configuration.