Prinoth to acquire 100% of Jarraff Industries’ capital stock

Looking down the arm of the 4-Wheel Drive Jarraff All-Terrain Tree Trimmer.

Prinoth announces its agreement to purchase 100% of the capital stock of Jarraff Industries. Prinoth is a manufacturer of snow-groomers, tracked vehicles and vegetation management equipment. Whereas Jarraff is a manufacturer of land clearing and tree care equipment.

“Jarraff is a perfect addition to the HTI family. We treasure companies like Jarraff that live the values that we consider essential such as innovation, sustainability and dedication.” said Anton Seeber, President of the HTI Group that includes such industrial companies as Leitner-Poma of America, Prinoth, Demaclenko and Leitwind. 

So, Jarraff Industries brings a lineup of equipment that Prinoth hopes will enhance and complement its existing line of products.

Prinoth’s existing lineup of vegetation equipment includes five models of Raptor mulcher carriers. These include the Raptor 300, 300r, 500, 800 and the RT 400. Also, Prinoth offers six models of mulchers. These include the M450m, M500, M550m, M650m, M700 and FM900.

Klaus Tonhäuser, President of the Prinoth Group, commented, “This acquisition confirms PRINOTH’s commitment to invest  and grow its presence in the specialized off-road equipment business. This better positions PRINOTH  in the high-demand utilities right-of-way and maintenance segment. Jarraff’s specialized product portfolio and strong presence in these critical market segments will provide our customers access to industry-leading products backed by our brand, distribution, and manufacturing experience.”

Certainly, this acquisition will extend Prinoth’s reach in the forestry industry. Jarraff’s titular product, the Jarraff tree trimmer, is available in three ground-contact configurations. All of these configurations reach to a height of 75 ft. Also, a mini version is available that reaches up to 55 ft.

Side-by-side lineup of Jarraff Industries' tree trimmer offerings.

Additionally, Jarraff’s Linebacker series of brush-cutters will perhaps dovetail with Prinoth’s mulchers.

Alessandro Ferrari, CEO of Prinoth Tracked Vehicles and the new CEO of Jarraff Industries, continued “Jarraff’s products’ provide the industry’s safest and most efficient solution for clearing and maintaining utility right-of-ways. Furthermore, Jarraff’s culture of working close and responding fast to customer demands is an ideal fit with the customer-centric and agile culture of Prinoth.”