Paladin appoints Creighton as master distributor for Eastern Canada

The Creighton Rock Drill Ltd. logo on a large piece of granite outside its headquarters.

Paladin Attachments, a division of Stanley Infrastructure, is a global manufacturer of hydraulic tools and attachments. Stanley’s acquisition of Paladin took place in March of 2019. Now, the company joins hands with Creighton Rock Drill Ltd., looking to better serve its customers.

Paladin’s attachments will be readily available to customers, keeping its stock at Creighton’s head office in Mississauga.

According to Stanley/Paladin, investments in research and development backs the company and ensures that every detail is important, from idea to distribution. So, the product only hits the market after going through many rounds of testing, keeping the end user in mind.

Creighton aims to serve existing and new dealers by holding a large inventory of products, allowing quick turnaround. 

Earlier this year, dealers in Canada could only buy directly from Stanley/Paladin. The company was shipping attachments direct from multiple factories throughout North America including Dexter, Michigan.

However, moving forward, Eastern Canadian customers can rely on locally-stocked inventory, with Creighton aiming to ship within 1-2 days.

Sweepster attachment by Paladin, now available through Creighton. It is attached to a CAT CTL.

As the industry grows, it sees extended lead times due to high demand. Thus, Creighton aims to stay ahead by forecasting product required in our regions and holding inventory.

Creighton has had a strong presence in the Canadian market since the 1960’s, selling and servicing for construction, mining, utility, demolition, sewer and water main contractors.

So, with connections to these industries; quick turnaround times, quick setup of attachments and knowledgeable service techs can ensure the optimization of an attachment’s performance.

Creighton is excited to have Stanley/Paladin attachments in its product line, hoping that this will benefit customers. Moreover, customers will be able to buy locally and in CAD, without worrying about the exchange rate fluctuations.

“Everyone is winning here,” says Al Creighton, Vice President of Creighton Rock Drill Ltd.

David Cheverie, Stanley/Paladin’s Sales Director for Canada, adds, “We are pleased to announce the appointment of Creighton Rock Drill Ltd. (CRD) as a Distributor for Eastern Canada in a move to better serve our customers.” Cheverie continues, “As our Distributor, they will carry a ready inventory to decrease turnaround times while providing world class support on many of our most recognized products. We are more than excited to have Creighton Rock Drill Ltd. help strengthen our customers with local presence.”