Weldco-Beales embeds Bluetooth® in attachments

Bluetooth technology has rooted itself in our everyday lives. From phones to basketballs to the kitchen stove, the air has becomes thick with Bluetooth radio waves. 

Weldco-Beales Manufacturing (WBM) has incorporated this technology into its equipment identification plates, a traditionally analog form of preserving and displaying information.

WBM’s attachments are now available with Smart-Tag technology, allowing operators and fleet managers a variety of features.  

Smart-Tags come pre-loaded with key WBM attachment information: Serial Tag Data, Parts Books, Installation & Maintenance Guides and Pre-Ship images.

Beyond static embedded attachment information, customers can also track their attachment’s movement and location with secure & encrypted access via Weldco’s Smart-Tag App. 

Also, automated shipping notifications can be enabled for participating customers wishing to take advantage of the interface connected to WBM’s manufacturing facilities. Weldco’s Smart-Tag App is available through both Google Play and the Apple Store.

All attachments equipped with a Smart-Tag provide wireless access to a variety of data forms, including parts books, installation and maintenance guides, serial tag and warranty information, pre-shipping images and ground-engaging tool details.

When asked about the most exciting features of this technology, Lyle Makus, Weldco-Beales’ Technology Product Sales Manager, said, “For me it’s that the Bluetooth technology makes the tracking a less expensive technology than others we have built.”

“Every smartphone can be a smart reader for your attachment.”

In terms of most convenient features for a fleet manager, Makus continues that “it would have to be the rapid access to all of the manuals and support material for a customer’s attachment.”


Asset Tracking

Dealers are able to purchase Weldco Gateways, a subscription service that allows them to track the movement and location of their attachments. When an attachment passes a Weldco Gateway the customer will be notified, giving them the ability to keep track of what is leaving the grounds where the Gateway is setup. All of this information is stored in the cloud and is accessible through the Smart-Tag App.

Upgrade Features

Customers have the option of upgrading to be able to customize their own Smart-Tag App interface for convenience and ease of use. 

Also, this upgrade allows the user to add updated photos and notes and embed and complete inspection reports.

Being able to aggregate so much data and function into a secure and encrypted location may offer some peace of mind to fleet managers and operators whose organizational skills take a backseat to more gratifying aspects of the job.

Another feature of this upgrade is that the customer will be able to manage non-Weldco attachments by installing a Weldco-supplied Smart-Tag themselves.

Equipment and Attachment Performance

Smart-Tags offer performance metrics associated with the attachment such as cycle times and force impact. This allows the user to better understand trends in order to delegate or perform preventative maintenance.

Performance metrics can also be used to better understand or even predict machine failure or malfunction, contributing to a reduction in maintenance costs and lost hours.