A facelift for Liebherr’s mobile construction crane

liebherr mobile construction cranes mk88

Liebherr has updated its existing mobile construction crane, creating the new MK 88-4.1. 

The additional number at the end of the product name reflects the four axles and that it is the first version of the crane type. 

Featuring MK technology, the mobile construction four-axle crane is more powerful and flexible than its predecessor. This is especially evident in a luffed jib position. 

New elements include, for example, its different axle load options, which make the crane more economical. 

Liebherr has also taken the environment into account, as the MK 88-4.1 can operate emission-free using even less power than its predecessor. 

Both the 8,000 kg maximum load capacity and the maximum radius of 45 metres remain the same. The maximum load capacity of 2,200 kg at the jib head also remains unchanged compared to the MK 88 Plus. 

In addition to the proven Load Plus function, which provides the mobile construction crane with up to 10 per cent more lifting capacity, the crane has also been equipped with a more powerful trolley travel gear.

This enables the Liebherr mobile construction crane MK 88-4.1 to work with heavier loads, even at a 15-degree inclination and at a 45 degree luffed position.

As a result, the maximum load capacity of the MK 88-4.1 is increased by up to 50 per cent compared to its predecessor in a 45-degree luffed position. This means that it can lift 2,800 kg in a 45-degree luffed position instead of the previous 1,850 kg up to 21 metres outreach.

Mobile construction crane load options 

A new ballast concept makes different axle load options and, in turn, more areas of application possible. Therefore, the MK 88-4.1 has three different axle load variations. With additional ballast, the axle load amounts to less than 13 tonnes per axle. 

With only the basic ballast, the Liebherr mobile construction crane has an axle load of less than 12 tonnes. Without the basic ballast, the axle load can be reduced to less than 10 tonnes.

This means, for instance, the crane can be driven on bridges and roads with axle load restrictions. By means of an adapted load curve, powerful operation is still possible with the 10-tonne version. 

When things get tight 

Furthermore, the MK 88-4.1, like the MK 140, can be used with half-sided support, so that possible road obstructions may be avoided. The standard support width is 7 metres and can be reduced to 5.75 metres if necessary. 

Thanks to their electric drives, Liebherr mobile construction cranes not only have a low-noise emission when in operation, but are environmentally-friendly in the process. 

The new MK 88-4.1 is also now equipped with a 32-amp connection in addition to the standard 63-amp connection. Through an intelligent energy management system, the maximum power available is used for crane operation.

This means that the MK 88-4.1 can be operated using less power, when on-site conditions don’t allow otherwise. 

More news from Liebherr

In addition to the half-sided support feature, further elements of the larger MK 140 mobile construction crane have been adopted in order to create a uniform operating concept across the entire MK series.

The MK 88-4.1 has, for example, been equipped with the elevating operator’s cab of the MK 140. This can be infinitely adjusted in height, has larger windows and is fitted with the latest equipment. 

Optional trolley and slewing platform cameras ensure a better all-round view and a higher level of safety. The combined heating and air conditioning system allows the temperature in the cabin to be controlled perfectly. 

The driver’s cabin has also undergone a facelift, so that it is a more comfortable environment for the crane operator. 

As well as more ergonomic operating elements, small details such as an air-conditioned seat and a mobile phone holder have also been included.