Lego Technic recreates Mack Anthem truck

Mack LEGO AnthemThe Mack Anthem is not only turning heads on the highway, it’s grabbing the attention of Lego fans of all ages.

With a new 2,595-piece building set, the Lego Technic Mack Anthem accurately recreates the new “highway hero’s” aerodynamic design.

In addition to the Anthem, the set can also be used to create a fully functional Mack LR front loader refuse model.

“This is the first time the launch of a Lego Technic set has coincided with the launch of the actual product to market,” said John Walsh, vice president of marketing for Mack Trucks.

Mack LEGO“We worked extremely hard with the Lego team to deliver a true-to-life representation of the Mack Anthem that folks everywhere will enjoy, whether they’re associated with trucking or not. We are particularly thrilled that Lego designers ensured the ultimate finishing detail by immortalizing our Bulldog hood ornament in Lego form, which speaks volumes to the value they saw in partnering with the Mack brand.”

Both company’s designers began collaborating on the project in mid-2016 with a series of online and in-person meetings. The Lego design team travelled to the truck company’s Greensboro, North Carolina-based headquarters to drive the Mack Anthem and LR models on a test track, giving them first-hand experience with the trucks’ scale and presence.

Mack LEGO BulldogThe result is an accurate model of the Anthem that follows in the footsteps of previous Lego Technic sets with extreme attention to detail and several functional elements. At 2,595 pieces, the Anthem set is the fifth-largest Lego Technic set ever.

Features include an interior complete with a detailed dashboard and steering wheel, sun visors, adjustable seats and bunk bed. A working driveline, featuring an engine with a spinning radiator fan and moving pistons, is also part of the kit. The pistons even move in the correct firing sequence for a Mack MP engine.

“The product design team had fun working with the Lego Group and their team, but we took this as seriously as we would any other project,” said Lukas Yates, Mack chief designer – exterior. “We’re excited about outcome and the opportunity the partnership has provided to build another lasting impression of the greatest name in trucks.”

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