Volvo joins the living tribute to the Highway of Heroes

highway of heroes

Members of the Canadian Armed Forces, military veterans and volunteers recently joined forces to plant 300 more trees in support of the Highway of Heroes Tree Campaign.

On June 14, the trees were planted at Intrepid Park in Oshawa, Ontario — the former site of Camp X and legendary secret paramilitary training installation for covert agents during the Second World War.

“Since my very first planting, I’ve found a sense of closure from the pain I had when I lost my friends, helping to heal some of the non-visible wounds I brought home from Afghanistan in the process,” said Corporal Nick Kerr, a veteran of Afghanistan.

“I prefer an army of trees standing at attention over more stone cenotaphs. I was a pallbearer for eight friends I lost, and every time I plant a tree, I think, ‘That one is for you, buddy.'”

Before the tree planting, Volvo Trucks Canada, Volvo Financial Services, Volvo Construction Equipment, Mack Trucks Canada and Mack Financial Services, made a joint funding announcement in support of the Highway of Heroes Tree Campaign.

“I am very proud of the collaboration between Volvo Trucks, Volvo Financial Services, Mack Trucks, and Volvo Construction Equipment in support of the Highway of Heroes Tree Campaign,” said Paul Kudla, managing director for Volvo Trucks Canada.

“This is the first time that Volvo Group in Canada has coordinated our efforts as a team in support of a cause. We feel passionate about working together with this organization for two reasons, as it reflects one of the group’s core values; care for the environment; and the importance this highway corridor holds for our customers, as they travel and work on it daily.”

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At the event, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau joined Minister of Veterans Affairs Lawrence MacAulay to present Corporal Kerr with the Minister of Veterans Affairs Commendation for outstanding dedication to volunteer work with the Highway of Heroes Tree Campaign.

Highway of Heroes Tree Campaign

The Highway of Heroes Tree Campaign aims to plant 2 million trees between Trenton and Toronto, one tree for every Canadian that has served during times of conflict since Confederation, including the war of 1812. The campaign will plant 117,000 of the most prominent trees along the stretch of Highway 401 known as the Highway of Heroes in honour of every life lost while serving in the Canadian Armed Forces. 

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