Cat’s 335 next gen excavator delivers the tightest tail swing in its class

Caterpillar 335 excavator

Caterpillar’s new 335 next generation hydraulic excavator delivers the tightest tail swing radius in the 35-ton class, making it ideal for working on space-restricted jobsites, such as road projects with lane closures, as well as excavation next to buildings.

The 335 is powered by Cat’s 273-hp C7.1 engine, which is equipped with a no-maintenance aftertreatment system. The 335 includes three selectable operating modes – Power, Smart and Eco – with one-touch low idle to help to reduce fuel consumption by up to 10 per cent. 

The standard engine configuration offers high ambient temperature operating capacity of 52 C, cold start capability of -18 C and a 4,600-metre altitude capability.

High-performance digging 

The new 335 features increased stick and bucket cylinder sizes to provide 15 per cent greater digging force. As well, hydraulic power is increased by 20 per cent to boost productivity. However, fuel consumption remains similar to the previous model.

Selecting Smart mode enhances fuel consumption by automatically matching the engine speed and hydraulic power demand, based on how hard the operator is digging. The use of Smart mode typically reduces fuel consumption by 10 per cent with no impact on productivity.

The 335 also features optimized weight and dimensions to meet common transportation limits. The track gauge is wider to improve side stability, yet total machine weight is less than 36,200 kg, with or without a blade.

Auxiliary hydraulic options for a wide range of Cat attachments increase versatility. Material penetration and improved cycle times are achieved through Advansys bucket tips, which are quickly changed without a hammer or special tool to improve safety and uptime. A new, wider blade is available to cover the width of wide track shoes.

Performance upgrade

Integrated Cat technologies on the new 335 next gen excavator assist operators regardless of their experience level, to increase machine efficiency by up to 45 per cent compared to manual operation. 

Cat Payload technology offers on-the-go weighing of material to help prevent overloading or underloading to maximize efficiency. By calculating the load being lifted and comparing it to the rated load for the excavator, Lift Assist lets operators know when the machine is within a safe working range or action is necessary to avoid tipping.

Operators cut and fill to exact specifications without overcutting when using the standard Cat Grade with 2D, allowing the machine to reach grade faster. The system stores up to four common target depth and slope offsets to save time at the jobsite. Automated boom, stick and bucket movements provided by Cat Grade with Assist deliver more accurate cuts with less operator effort. Available upgrades to Cat Grade with Advanced 2D or Cat Grade with 3D further increases productivity and expand grading capabilities.

Maintenance efficiency

The use of Cat Remote Services allows companies to troubleshoot and update machine software to improve efficiency.

Remote Troubleshoot allows Cat dealers to perform diagnostic testing remotely and pinpoint potential issues, as the 335 keeps working. Reducing update time by as much as 50 per cent, Remote Flash allows for on-board software to be updated at a time when it’s convenient to the work schedule and without a technician being present.

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Extended, more synchronized maintenance allows the new 335 to get more work done, while saving up to 20 per cent on maintenance costs compared to the 335F.

All fuel filters feature 1,000-hour change intervals, as does the air intake filter with pre-cleaners. Improved hydraulic filter performance combined with anti-drain valves to keep the oil clean during filter replacement result in a 3,000-hour filter replacement interval, a 50 per cent increase.

Cab options

35 ton excavator

The Cat 335 next gen excavator is available with either a reengineered deluxe or premium cab design, featuring vibration-reducing viscous mounts, adjustable operator seats and automatic climate control to increase operator comfort. Ergonomically positioned and customizable joysticks allow pattern and response settings to be saved to operator preference. 

Operators have excellent visibility into the trench to either side and to the rear of the excavator, thanks to a flat engine hood design, smaller cab pillars and large panoramic windows. Standard rearview and right-view cameras further enhance visibility and safety and can be upgraded to offer 360-degree visibility.

All daily service points are accessed from ground level to increase efficiency and improve safety. The new service platform toward the front of the machine features anti-skid punch plate to prevent slipping and provides easy and safe access to the upper service platform.