Bomag packs new tech into new commercial paver

bomag commerical paver

The new Bomag BF 300, 1.8 metre commercial paver is equipped with multiple tech enhancements, including Magnalife, Sideview and a load control system.

The rubber tire BF 300 P-2 and BF 300 C-2 track pavers are designed to improve paving quality and productivity, while reducing costs on a range of applications.

The new BF 300 C-2 track paver offers hydraulically variable paving widths from 1.7 metres to 3.4 metres.

Bomag screed extensions, available in 35- and 50-cm widths, feature quick coupling technology that utilizes a wedge-and-socket design with locking handle to quickly extend maximum paving widths to 5 metres. Available reduction skids allow for 71 cm paving widths, which increases the paver’s flexibility for commercial contractors.


Equipped with Bomag’s patented Sideview system, the paver’s operating console and seat are fully adjustable.

The entire operator’s platform shifts to the left and right, and the seat can be swiveled to offer up to a 60-cm overhang, giving the operator an unobstructed sightline to the hopper, side of the paver and screed.

All machine functions are controlled directly from the console, and intuitive switch positioning delivers a short learning curve for new paver operators.

Paver screed features

The BF 300 C-2 boasts patented Bomag Magmalife technology that heats the screed plates to paving temperatures in about 20 minutes. Redefining screed heating, Magmalife heat elements are cast into a single aluminum block that offers superior thermal conductivity.

In addition to quick heating, Magmalife delivers more uniform heat distribution through the screed bottom for a tight mat texture without scuffing or tearing. Heated screed end-gates allow for joint matching to increase mat longevity.

The BF 300 C-2 delivers the power and traction to pave up to 25.4-cm thick mats. proprietary Bomag Load Control System (LCS) enables the operator to securely lock the screed into position for a set duration after paver restart to eliminate bumps in the mat.

Thanks to a large 9-tonne hopper capacity, the new Bomag BF 300 C-2 track paver provide extended paving intervals between asphalt deliveries to the jobsite.

Unique to the commercial class, the paver features a hydraulically folding front hopper gate, in addition to individually controlled hopper wings to clear asphalt. Left and right independently controlled slat conveyor assemblies channel material to the spread augers, and the reversible slat bars are made with high wear-resistant material for long service life.

No aftertreatment

Powered by a fuel-efficient 74 hp diesel engine, the new BF 300 C-2 paver doesn’t require a diesel particulate filter or diesel exhaust fluid to meet Tier 4 Final emissions regulations.

Standard Bomag Ecomode active engine and hydraulics management system substantially reduces fuel consumption by up to 20 per cent.

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The Bob-Dock: swap hydraulic attachments without leaving the cab

Demand-driven hydraulics deliver the exact power required for machine functions, allowing engine noise levels to be reduced to conversational levels. Power for screed heating is provided by a 24-kW, 240-V generator, belt-driven directly off the engine. Positioning the generator under the sound-insulated hood and away from the screed operator further lowers sound levels to boost operating comfort.

The simplified aftertreatment system reduces engine complexity to shorten maintenance time. Engine side panels swing open to offer unhindered access to engine, hydraulic systems and filters. As well, shock-absorbing push rollers ensure smooth truck pick-up without paver damage and alleviate deviations in the line. The console’s toggle switches individually control each machine function and can be quickly replaced, keeping maintenance costs and time to a minimum.

Easy to move  

The BF 300 C-2 is compact, offering transport dimensions of 5.1-metre length, 2.8-metre height and 1.9-metre width. Even with the 35-cm extensions mounted to the screed, the paver can be easily moved to and from the jobsite on a flatbed trailer without permits.