Ammann’s new single-drum roller minimizes service requirements

ammann roller

Ammann’s new ARS 110.2 T1 11-ton single-drum roller is designed to deliver more compaction power while reducing the need for maintenance.   

The single drum roller is equipped with a Cummins 4BT3.9 diesel engine. No engine after-treatment is required – one of many efforts to simplify maintenance and reduce costs.

The compactor reflects Ammann’s ECOdrop philosophy, which makes products more environmentally friendly and profitable by focusing on reducing fuel and fluid requirements. 

“The new roller requires 17 per cent less engine oil and 5 per cent less hydraulic oil than the previous generation of machines,” said Radek Remeš, Ammann’s Testing and Validation Manager. “Both acquisition and disposal costs are lowered. These are savings that go directly to the business owner’s bottom line.”

In addition to eliminating engine aftertreatment, Ammann has integrated several time-saving features into the ARS 110.2. For example, a 310-litre fuel tank and low fuel consumption ensure at least three working shifts without re-fuelling, lowering costs connected with fuel logistics on the jobsite.

As well, the vibratory system is placed in an oil bath with a self-lubricated mechanism and additional water cooling to maximize productivity and the machine’s lifespan. 

The engine compartment is easily accessible and designed to protect all major components during operation. All maintenance and servicing points can be reached from the ground for quick work and quick returns to the jobsite.

The Ammann ARS 110.2 can be placed in the 11 or 12-tonne machine weight category. An additional 1-ton weight increase kit is available to achieve a higher operating weight and static load.

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The roller’s compaction power and manoeuvrability make it ideal for mid- and large-scale projects such as roads/highways and industrial zones.

The 102-hp engine can run on high-sulphur fuels, while the high-pressure hydraulic system provides excellent traction and compaction effectiveness.

The roller is equipped with a two-stage vibratory system, which generates eccentric forces of 275 kN at low 32 Hz frequency and 160 kN at high frequency (35 Hz). Both the 1.9 mm high amplitude and 0.85 mm low amplitude ensures consistent compaction throughout the depth of the layer.

Roller drum

The ARS 110.2 drums are designed and manufactured in-house at Ammann, and have a working width of 213 cm.

The drum, with a thickness of 25 mm, lasts for the life of the machine and a smooth drum is standard. 

An optional padfoot shell kit is available, which introduces tamping into the compaction process for improved results on cohesive soils.

Operator focused

The ergonomic operator platform is fully insulated from vibration. It prevents most vibration from reaching the body and arms of the operator.

The cab version offers a wide range of advanced technical solutions that improve safety and comfort. There is 1 square metre of visibility in all directions to enable productive and safe operation. Also, slidable side cab windows make it easy to reach the mirrors, which can be adjusted from the operator’s seat.

The steering column includes an integrated dashboard that provides all the necessary status information for accurate machine control and operation. All the switches needed for control are located on the dashboard and the right armrest.

Control is simple and intuitive, and operators can learn to run the compactor in 10 minutes, according to Ammann.

ACE system

The proprietary Ammann ACE system (Ammann Compaction Expert) is available as an option. 

The system enables easy monitoring of compaction progress for operators and helps them more effectively control the compaction process.