Alex Lyon & Son Auctioneers expand to Canada

Alex Lyon & Son auction heavy equipment
Charles Gauthier, will serve as the Canadian vice president of operations for Alex Lyon & Son.

Alex Lyon & Son is now conducting heavy equipment auctions in Canada.

The Bridgeport, New York-based auction company is now an operating business in Québec and has representation in eastern and northeastern Ontario.

Jack Lyon, president and CEO of Alex Lyon & Son Auctioneers, has appointed, Joël Gauthier, as executive vice president for Canada and Charles Gauthier, as vice president operations for Canada.

“I am very pleased and honoured to announce the completion of a partnership with members of the Gauthier family. Canada is an important and mature market for construction and transportation equipment,” Lyon said. “By joining the expertise of Alex Lyon & Son with the abilities and network of Mr. Joël and Mr. Charles Gauthier I am convinced that they will offer a credible and reliable alternative to the industry owners and operators who want to sell their surplus or remarket their pieces of equipment.”

Joël and Charles Gauthier were formerly part of Gauthier Auctions Inc. and founding members of Forke The Auctioneer Canada Inc.

“They are a very well-respected family who were operating auctions in Quebec and Eastern Ontario for up to 30 years from 1979 to 2008,” Lyon said.

Alex Lyon & Son will hold a complete liquidation in Montréal on April 24.

“(The auction) will mark an important milestone into our development in Canada,” Lyon said.

He added the company’s move into Canada is permanent, and its auctions will focus on construction and transportation equipment.

The plan of the corporation is to expand its operations throughout Ontario and the Maritimes by the end of 2018. The following year, the auctioneer plans to expand into western Canada.

Alex Lyon & Son Auctioneers was established in 1950 in the United States. At the time, the company primarily handled private treaty negotiations of cattle and farm machinery.

Jack Lyon would join his father at the company, after graduating from the University of Cincinnati, with a bachelor’s degree in marketing in 1973.

The company then began to diversify the type of auctions they conducted. A major construction company was one of the first to sign an agreement with Jack, allowing Lyon’s to manage their upcoming auction. After a successful first construction auction, Alex Lyon & Son began to grow in the heavy equipment segment.

Today, the company is the second largest auctioneer company in North America and is operating auction sales in every state in the United States and Mexico. Last year, Alex Lyon & Son Auctioneers conducted more than 110 auction sales alone.