Wacker Neuson’s mini track dumpers arrive in North America

mini track dumpers

Wacker Neuson has expanded its North American product line to include a new line of mini track dumpers. 

The DT series (Dumper Track) are available in three models with various skip options, which makes the machines an ideal material handling solution for smaller jobs that need the advantages of a tracked machine. They are designed for smooth travel while manoeuvring across rough terrain and in confined areas. 

The DT08 features an 800-kg payload, is powered by a 9.1 hp Honda gasoline engine and includes a front tip skip with heaped capacity of 387 litres. 

Wacker Neuson’s DT10 delivers a 1,000 kg payload, and is powered by a13.9 hp Kubota diesel engine.

The DT10 is equipped with either a swivel tip skip with heaped capacity of 459 litres; a front tip skip with self-loading shovel and heaped capacity of 447 litres; or a front tip skip platform for versatile material transport.

As the largest of the three dumpers, the DT15 has a 1,500-kg payload and is powered by a 23 hp Kubota diesel engine. It features a swivel tip skip with heaped capacity of 750 litres, or a three-way side tipping skip platform with tailgate style sides.

The DT15 model also includes a seated operator’s platform with a rollover protection structure (ROPS) that is foldable for low passageways. 

The various skip configurations allow for the easy transportation and precise placement of materials while the self-loading shovel delivers additional labour-saving loading capabilities, as well as easy unloading of material. 

Wacker Neuson’s track dumpers offer a new class of models in the market. The machines are designed for high performance and lower cost of ownership and feature a fully hydrostatic drive. 

The hydrostatic drivetrain plays a key role in providing easy and comfortable operation with no gears to change during operation. As well, the machines have a low maintenance, long life design with fewer wear parts. 

All models feature rubber tracks with optimal weight distribution to reduce ground pressure and prevent damage on sensitive surfaces, as well as providing added stability.

The suspension-mounted rollers (DT10 and DT15) compensate for uneven ground and deliver a smoother ride on rough terrain and over curbs or steps. 

The compact dimensions of the track dumpers are ideal for travelling through narrow passages and the easy operation make them ideal for landscape, construction, cemetery, golf course, parks and trail maintenance, nursery and farm applications.